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#FF — This Old House


This Old House

Paris is in the rearview mirror. All that’s left of it is a water-damaged photo.

Does it matter who dumped who when things turned sideways?

You found me that night, on the bridge, plugging in to a protected power cable.

I later learned about the filthy garbage bin you picked up off of the side of the street.

We discarded our forever to escape beige walls.

But now my circuits are fried. And grimy germs had to be scoured from your pipes.

Castaways. The walls are still beige.

Maybe with rewiring and new plumbing we could try playing house again?

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the reflective host of Friday Fictioneers.

45 thoughts on “#FF — This Old House

  1. What a fascinating story. The imagery is complex, or perhaps just unfamiliar. Are you writing about a couple who lived rough to escape suburban boredom, and, having discovered the drawbacks, are thinking of going back to a conventional lifestyle?

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    1. Origin: I made a list of everything I saw in the picture, then walked away. Revisited the list and it morphed into what you see. In my mind there are two people who got caught cheating on each other because their marriage was stale. That didn’t work out so well for either of them, so they are considering getting back together with each other, even with the beige walls.

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  2. Yes, all germs must be scoured from the pipes before we take this any further.

    Like Neil, I thought it was AI until I read your origin story. That’s cool, the way you incorporated everything. Well done.

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  3. Everyone thinks beige is bad… for some beige is just right – once they’ve realised all the colour they sought was less real.
    Of course, your explanation helped direct me and I really like this take, Lisa.

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