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dVerse — Book Poem #1

book poem 1 covid 042320scaled down

Adjustment Day arrives
for the assembled Tarantula –
A Million Little Pieces
with Burnt Tongues
making Tracks.

Traveling Light,
In the Skin of a Lion,
Backward Down the Path,
Fugitives and Refugees —
Keep Going…


Bjorn Rudberg is today’s host of dVerse.  Bjorn says:

  1. Go through your collection on books, and note the titles.
  2. Sort them so the titles form a poem.
  3. Take a photo of the books.
  4. Write down the poem.

As often with found poetry, you will likely be frustrated at first and most likely you will come to the conclusion that though the titles provide a good backbone for the poem, you prefer to put some flesh to the bones.  So as an option I give you the possibility to write a second version where you add your own words to form a fuller poem.

53 thoughts on “dVerse — Book Poem #1

    1. Thank you, Petru and glad you enjoyed reading 🙂 Not really much forethought, unless subconsciously. I just started grabbing titles. The last half was just as I randomly stacked them.


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