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A2Z 2020 — essential oils — U — Umbellularia californica (CA Bay Laurel)

U letter

California Bay Laurel has long been valued for its many edible, medicinal, insecticidal, and ceremonial uses throughout its range by native cultures including the Cahuilla, Chumash, Pomo, Kashaya Pomo, Miwok, Yujki, Coos, Concow, Maidu, Costanoan, Yukok, Tongva, Tolowa, Ohlone, Karuk, Karok, Mendocino Indians, and Salinan people. – from Tree Girl

File:Umbellularia californica 02.jpg - Wikipedia

California Bay Laurel (Umbellularia californica) is NOT the same as Bay Laurel (laurus nobilis)

This is the only essential oil beginning with the letter “U” I could find. From what I’ve read at various sites about it, you had better be well-educated about it before trying to use it. Please take a look at the link in the quote above to learn more about Umbellularia californica.

Today’s offering is shorter in words, but the following video is excellent in identifying the tree and learning about it.

28 thoughts on “A2Z 2020 — essential oils — U — Umbellularia californica (CA Bay Laurel)

  1. I grew up with California bays in my back yard in Northern California. We used the leaves in cooking. They grew wild in the local hills. They are wonderful trees. Even my local nurseries carry the laurus nobilis, which is not always hardy enough if we have a harsh winter. I am barely over the CA border in Oregon, so I don’t know why no one seems to know about the California bay. There is an online nursery in Oregon that carries it, but they are out of stock right now. I want one!

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    1. I did a little research on them and see the leaves are way more pungent/powerful than the imported nobilis. There is a youtube out there that shows how to roast the seeds that fall from them also. Have you ever tried roasting them?


    1. On first thought I would say yes too cold, BUT! I’ve read about people growing out-of-zone trees in far north, keeping them upright in warm weather, but laying them sideways and protecting them with mulch in winter. If they can grow in containers, I would think you could try and see what happens 🙂


  2. What a find Jade– an essential oil that begins with U and sounds adorable too–like an umbrella for fairies or one carried by wandering minstrels. I think I’m so taken by the way these names sound, I’m not paying much attention to their healing properties!

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