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Two Hung Low

After another night of staying up way too late (4 a.m.) it was noon by the time I made rounds around the house, opening blinds, sliding doors, turning off the heat and night lights, and getting the new pot of coffee started while yesterday’s cup from the pot warmed in the microwave.  I opened the blinds that look out on the bird feeder, which also has a small patio area, and who was staring back at me?  A perfectly beautiful, bright orange, semi-tiger cat.  He was lounging on the patio like he owned the place, while the undeterred birds continued making their dives on the feeders for seeds and suet.  Our eyes met.  Expecting him to run as most feral cats would, he remained where he was.  In my socked feet, I walked briskly to the door, unlocked it, and closed it behind me.  When he heard the door, he ran around one side of the carport, out of sight.  There have been cats that have come from across the street’s long driveway back to a supposedly empty house that gets a suspicious number of visits for being empty.  I thought that’s where he was hightailing it to; he wasn’t.  As I walked around the other side of the carport wall, I saw him flop down on the driveway and start doing one of those adorable upside down snake things that cats do when they want to show you how cute they can be.  I started laughing and called out “kitty kitty!”  He jumped up, did a few silent meows, walked over to a shrub, backed up and sprayed it, then ran for my garage.  I watched Two Hung Low as he ran and easily made it under the door which has a sizeable gap in the dirt.

Should I feed him or no?  He has a beautiful coat but the way it hangs on him shows he hasn’t had a good meal in awhile.  He probably subsists on mice and the occasional bird he can nab.  Do I want a new feline as a friend?  Why the hell not.  I came in, found a nice metal bowl in the cupboard and filled it halfway with dry food.  Still in my socks, I walked across the driveway and onto the grass — ew, sudden cold wet on my feet — and left the bowl by the garage.  By the time I got back to the house and turned around, he’d come out and was scarfing on the food.  Yes, he was very hungry.

I’ll befriend Two Hung Low.  If it works out I can get him spayed, shots, checkup, etc. then who knows what next.

20 thoughts on “Two Hung Low

    1. Sadje, he’s a male cat that hasn’t been neutered, which was very apparent as he first sprayed the bush then ran away. Sorry if that is gross, but it’s what popped into my mind as he ran.

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    1. He was risking a lot, coming up to the slider and laying there. Cats are observant if nothing else, and I’m sure he’s watched those blinds open many times and knew I would be behind them. Then to have the calm cool catness to just sit there and make eye contact with me. It would have been sheer cruelty to ignore all that bravery 🙂

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      1. Yes it would have been! They are observers by nature…but yea to be that brave not knowing what you would do is something. He took a chance and so did you…glad he ended up at your house.

        While you are meeting brave cats…I’m tending to what the commercial said…”80 lb Saint Bernard puppy with no impulse control”

        I heard a slurping from the kitchen…I’m thinking…what is that? Martha was on her hind legs with her head in the sink licking from plates…ARGGGGGG
        Then I get a look…with the tongue wagging…”What’s wrong dad?”

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          1. Yes she is…very large. She is more like the movie Beethoven…just getting into everything…our other ones were cool and not active…this one isn’t the least bit shy. She is as flexible as a Lab.

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  1. Awww love this! He chose you for his own special person. I’m glad.
    We feed all the strays around here, but guess they really aren’t strays any more, since we named them and can pet them. 🙂

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