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#FF — For the first time

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

I’d allowed myself to be talked into attending the farce of a wedding, then reception. The dunce cap napkins said it all. Everyone knew Melinda’s marital pattern of marriage-to-millionaire followed by unfortunate-death-of-groom, then whirlwind-romance-leading-to-engagement-with-next-rich-dupe. She forgot what number Harold was: 4? 5?

Even my hard-boiled cynicism couldn’t ignore how Melinda and Harold looked at and held each other while dancing. Maybe this time my baby sister had found true love.

“Endless Love,” was on the DJ’s platter when they arrived; one detective and two uniformed officers.

Cuffing Harold, Detective Jones said, “You’re under arrest for murdering your wife, Jeri.”

[100 words]



Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the steadfast host of Friday Fictioneers.

95 thoughts on “#FF — For the first time

  1. I love me some Luther. If silk were a sound… He murdered Lionel Ritchie on that album. Luther outdid him on “Endless Love” and “Hello.” What’s left for Lionel? “Brick House?” “Easy?” At least Luther didn’t cover “Three Times A Lady.”

    They sound like a good match. I wonder if either would be happy if the marriage happened, and they didn’t have anyone to kill or if they’d try to kill each other. Nice twist.

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  2. Harold’s quite the amateur compared to Melinda! Having Melinda’s sister tell the story makes it even more interesting than it would’ve been with Harold or Melinda as narrator. Very well done, Li.

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