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Doodads — 5/3/2020

What a beautiful day it was outside.  The back yard is polka-dotted with dandelions that sprung out overnight.  The grass is summer lush.  The rabbits are chasing each other.  The chipmunks have re-dug their hole between the sections of concrete under the bird feeder.  The frogs have a heavenly chorus going on out there.  The tomato cage I put on upside down over the deer’s favorite oriental lilies was missing this morning.  The only conclusion I can draw is that one of them got it stuck on their horns and is now walking around with it.  I saw my first spear of asparagus emerged about an inch out of the ground.

My kids and I played a game through Steam today that lasted 8.5 hours!  My eyes are so tired right now.

I didn’t get to listen to many SLS songs today.  No other writing was done today.  Very little blog reading was done.  I did get a small amount done on the collage I’m working on, earlier this morning.

Time to rest my eyes.  See you all tomorrow!

19 thoughts on “Doodads — 5/3/2020

    1. My kids grew up just as gaming was taking off. They’ve gotten very, VERY good at it. I dabble at it and they, being the kind-hearted individuals they are, indulge me. What’s really awesome to me is that their significant others play also, which makes it so much fun.

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      1. I wasa very briefly into one called Civilisation before I met my wife. It’s a kind-of world domination strategy game. It was turn-based and you’d end up thinking “just one more turn before bed”! When I met my wife, she caught it and I couldn’t get near the computer after that! But it was actually quite scary, how I could just lose a whole day to this thing. I have a soccer manager sim now but I only maybe touch it if I find nothing on tv of an evening.

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  1. Yeah, I was picturing that too–cage stuck on antlers. The other deer would look at him admiringly, thinking, “Where can I get one of those?” 🙂

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