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dVerse — quadrille — Guess what I am


Guess what I am

makes toddlers laugh
bats its eyelashes at somberness
climbs into Terry Gilliam’s open skull
sits on the window ledge and swings its legs
scrunches your face when I tickle you
dances in sunlight with bullfrogs
plays badminton blindfolded
creates Fierce Creatures
whistles out-of-tune


clip from “Fierce Creatures”


Lillian is today’s host for dVerse.  Lillian says:
The word for today’s Quadrille is “silly”…..you can use any form of the word. You can use it as an adjective, a noun, a verb….anyway you’d like.

36 thoughts on “dVerse — quadrille — Guess what I am

  1. Oh wow! I’ve never seen Animal House but know about it…..John Belusi was amazing in so many ways….a life too soon squandered. Will have to look up the second trailer here…..looks hilarious!
    LOVED your post. Silly is as silly does……………

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  2. Smiles upon smiles. My poem is titled SILLY GEESE, which could have worked for this piece. Remember Monty Python’s SILLY WALKS? Cleese was brilliant doing them .

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  3. Nice take on the prompt
    Happy Monday, i am looking at a lot of TV these days, and ive wandered into some Chinese serials. I finished The Princess Wei Young and is looking at Legend of The White Snake
    It is kind of silly the hours i now spend kn front if the TV

    Happy Monday


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  4. That is a brilliant cast, though I don’t know the Fierce Creatures movie. I had forgotten about A Fish Called Wanda, but yes, may have to watch it again, or anything with those actors. Silly good fun, as is your poem. Thanks for it!

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