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A2Z 2020 — Reflection Post

A2Z coloring

With over 500 blogs participating in the A2Z 2020 Challenge, it would be impossible to read every one. I did a pre-screen of topics that looked interesting and started with those. Along the way I dropped some and added others. It is my pleasure to show you my list of favorites of the blogs I was reading and tell a little about what they were about, in no particular order.

That said, Jim Adams at A Unique Title for Me chose a topic that is probably my favorite of the bunch, as he covered band origins, biographies of band members, discographies, and so much more of many of my favorite bands as well as introduced me to news ones or ones I didn’t know much about. The amount of research Jim put into his posts is commendable. For A2Z daily posts, I prefer shorter to longer as I can read more of them, but in Jim’s case I make an exception. Find Jim’s blog here.

Teresa Grabs at The Haunted Wordsmith posted a chapter a day on the adventures of Lynx and his band of heroes. Most days we were given multiple choices of which way we wanted to see the story go. Find Teresa’s blog here.

Zalka Csenge Virág at The Multi-colored Diary featured an endangered species and a folk tale about that critter. Find her blog here.

Alexandra Heep at A Heep of Everything featured a postcard from a different part of the world and included information about the country and how the postcard was acquired. It was a real treasure hunt for some of them. Find Alexandra’s blog here.

Kristin at Finding Eliza was a daily visit to Kristin’s family tree, starting back 100 years or more. Kristin has meticulously researched and gathered many photos and documents on her family. It was a joy getting to know them. Find Kristin’s blog here.

Deborah Weber chose to highlight unusual, obscure words that she very carefully chose and expanded upon. I adore Deborah’s holistic point of view. Her insights are seasoned about things that matter. Find her blog here.

Sarah Zama at The Old Shelter covered important sociological aspects of the 1920’s and included many excellent photographs of those times. Amazing how much was happening in the world during that time – 100 years ago now! Find Zama’s blog here.

Cathy Kennedy at A Curious Cathy is a talented and entertaining artist who chose to do drawings of “cheesecake” females this year. Cathy has injected a whimsical playfulness into her drawings that are delightful one and all. Find Cathy’s blog here.

Ronel at Ronel the Mythmaker devoted a lot of time and energy into covering interesting and often frightening mythological creatures. She found information from really old books from various countries and cultures to see the common threads between the myths. She also had very lengthy posts I was unable to read all of every day, but I know where to find her blog when I want to go back to them. Find Ronel’s blog here.

Carrieanne Brownian at Welcome to My Magick Theatre had a marvelous topic of historical New York City. The quality of the writing and the wondrous photographs had me looking forward to each post. What I think is an excellent idea is what Carrieanne has done by writing fiction surrounding these actual places. She’s also gotten me interested in learning more about the horrible Robert Moses!  Find her blog here.

Anne E.G. Nydam at Nydam Prints Black and White is a very talented block carver/printer who writes books and illustrates them with her block prints. This year’s topic was children’s nursery rhymes. Not only did Anne include her own prints but other really fun ones that others did to the rhymes. Find Anne’s blog here.

Lael at Heartstyle covered various topics. I really enjoy Lael’s lighthearted-yet-deep perspectives on things. She makes me laugh. She makes me think. Find Lael’s blog here.

Bernie Rose Violet at Diary of a Dublin Housewife gives an insider’s view to family life in Dublin. I found Bernie’s blog on last year’s A2Z trail and was delighted to see she was in this year’s. Unfortunately Bernie was down with Covid-19 during part of the challenge, but she recovered very well. She makes me smile and cackle with glee often as I read her take on things and her conversations with others. Find Bernie’s blog here.

Keith at Keith’s Ramblings chose to find some really far-out words and then use them to compose the most entertaining stories with them. I had a lot of fun reading and learning from the stories. Find Keith’s blog here.

Barbara at Teleporting Weena had a charming idea for her blog during A2Z: to have a wise quote and a happy coloring each day. In these times of trouble it was a bright spot. Find Barbara’s blog here.

Frederique at The Quilting Patch was hands-down the most beautiful A2Z blog I visited each day. Frederique highlighted some of the most amazing art from quilters I’ve ever seen. It’s almost beyond belief how intricate so many of them are. Well worth a visit if you want to see them. Her blog is here.

Liam at Panorama of the Mountains chose one documentary and one non-documentary per day to review and rate. Liam has a well-organized site and shared so many movies I haven’t seen yet. Liam’s blog is here.

Beth Lapin’s blog was about the most healthy and scrumptious food choices. Each day was another nutritious fruit, vegetable, nut, etc., what healthy things are contained in it, and suggestions for consumption. Beth’s blog got a lot of good comments and suggestions on it, and her responses were awesome! Beth’s blog is here.

Sonia Dogra’s very educational and inventive topic was to choose a little-known piece of history and a person associated with it and tell the story with poetry. I thoroughly enjoyed learning these pieces of history. Sonia’s A2Z got a lot of traffic and conversation going. Sonia’s blog is here.

Anagha Yatin’s blog, Canvas With Rainbow, featured a very good short story on a variety of topics. There was no telling what it would be about, but one thing I knew was that it would be  good. Anagha’s blog is here.

Rachel at The Quiet Writer focused on theaters in the UK during the challenge. Every theater she covered included origin story and changes up to the present. Different types of performing arts, stage terms, and wonderful photographs of the places were also included. I have added doing a tour of UK theaters to my bucket list. Rachel’s blog is here.

Tasha had two different blogs. One was on her fictitious naughty playland called The Manor, which introduced the residents, including what manner of being, how they came to be there, and what their roles are now at The Manor. The other blog was “vampire drabbles,” which are short flash fiction that included a vampire theme in each one. I enjoyed reading both blogs. Tasha has a creative mind! The Manor blog is here. Vampire Drabbles is here.

Pradeep at Time and Tide chose to cover thoughts, activities, suggestions, and lists to keep all of us calm and entertained during the lockdown time of Covid-19. I looked forward to reading Pradeep’s practical wisdom and his calm way of sharing it each day. Pradeep’s blog is here.

Kathe’s blog of A Bird a Day is just what it sounds like: a bird a day. Lots of fabulous feathered friends to enjoy. I knew many, but many I had never seen before. Kathe’s blog is here.

Weekends in Maine is also just what it sounds like: all about Maine. I enjoyed hearing about different things in a state that looks like it would be a great place to check out sometime. The blog can be found here.

Arti Jain’s blog, Arti’s Moments is the one I always read last, as I like saving the best for last. Arti has a way of telling her stories, parables really, that warm that part of a person who responds to beauty of the soul. Using her childhood and adulthood relationships as the vehicles, the resonance I carried away with each one has stayed with me. I heartily recommend you check Arti’s blog out, which also includes her fabulous photography, here.

I enjoyed every one of these creative bloggers’ offerings this month and will continue to follow some of them. I appreciate every single one of them for being faithful readers and thoughtful commenters on my offerings all month as well.
Thanks also go out to the A2Z 2020 organizers for giving all of us an opportunity to discover new bloggers!

22 thoughts on “A2Z 2020 — Reflection Post

  1. Though I come from a state in India (Kerala) that is known for herbal medicines, I never read so much about them until I came to your blog. Thanks for the posts. I am glad you liked my posts and thank you for those kind words. Good wishes, Pradeep

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is high praise indeed Jade. Thank you so much for the mention. Even I want to check out my own blog after reading your review:)
    A few of the blogs you’ve mentioned have piqued my curiosity — will visit them soon.
    Our paths will cross, I’m sure.
    Stay safe and healthy.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have to thank you for pointing me in the direction of the housewife from Dublin:) OMG! How funny is she?
        I’ve laughed and cackled.
        I’ve had the good fortune of visiting Frederique (of the quilts) throughout the challenge. Yes, hers was an amazing collection.
        Have a lovely weekend Jade.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Your theme for A to Z this year was fun to read. So interesting to learn about the oils and what they are used for. Thanks so much for the mention, too. Sounds like some great blogs you came across, and I’ll check out a few, myself. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m glad that you had fun with the challenge. I learned a lot by reading your posts too. Congratulations on being a survivor. Thanks for sharing your list. It included many of my favourites too!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you 🙂 I'll hold your kind words close to my heart.
    They mean a lot to me. You mean a lot to me! I enjoy your posts ever so much. And you, I enjoy YOU ❤

    Your topic this year set a fire under my butt, and reignited my interest in essential oils. My house smells so good these days!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I know I’m very late, but I still wanted to congratulate on successfully concluding the challenge. I loved your topic, not only interesting, but also useful!

    Thanks so much for the shoutout on my blog. And I love your list of favourite. I’ve followed a half of them myslef, but as all years, there are so many that I’m discovring only after the challenge is over.
    Oh well, there’s a year to catch up 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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