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dVerse — Sustained Solitude in Covid-19

ludington with chaun

Sustained Solitude in Covid-19

It’s an old body with a new jacket
That was chosen without consent.

It’s a cool absence of warm auras,
Missing three-dimensional smiles.

Non-human flora & fauna besties
Constant life-affirming presences.

Periodic staving off of surrealism
And fear that this may be the end.


Bjorn is today’s host of dVerse.  Bjorn says:
The prompt today is simple, just start from the word solitude and write about it. Try to avoid using the word solitude, but try instead to describe how it feels. Does it even have a scent or a sound?

50 thoughts on “dVerse — Sustained Solitude in Covid-19

  1. I definitely feel like an ‘old body with a new jacket / That was chosen without consent’. When can I have a new body with my old jacket? I love the lines:
    ‘It’s a cool absence of warm auras,
    Missing three-dimensional smiles.’
    Oh yes!

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  2. your closing lines are stunning too. This fear hanging over us like the Sword of Damocles…the end of days, apocalypse now; scary stuff.

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  3. I like your poem. Life does feel very surreal sometimes at present. Following on from a conversation we had a while back on another thread – the room clearing spray of Juniper and White Sage arrived in the post this morning. I sprayed my house and felt an immediate lift from the fresh tang of the Juniper. The White Sage wasn’t too heavy but seems to have gently lightened the atmosphere. I feel a little less surreal today. 🙂

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    1. It’s not a good feeling. What compounds it are things like the group that keeps storming our capitol building (with weapons) and demands the governor end the lockdown.

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        1. Michigan’s Capitol building has an open-carry policy, which means that spectators in the legislative sessions can open-carry. What happened recently was a group of 400-700 protestors, some armed, were beating on the doors when the session was closed to spectators due to the volatile nature of what was happening, which was the legislature either supporting or not supporting Governor Whitmer’s decision to keep most places shut down in the state due to Covid-19.

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  4. kaykuala

    It’s an old body with a new jacket
    That was chosen without consent.

    Vert apt opening, Jade! We never asked for it but trussed unto us. It is how we make it out to be! Many are happy with the new found opportunity!


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  5. Apt opening, apt closing and apt in between too! Solitude is wonderful in small doses and when it is voluntary but forced solitude for prolonged period can have not asked for repercussions! Very well written, Li.

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