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First Photo Collage

I’ve been doing small 5″x8″ for a few years now, and it’s been more by intuition or intention on a subject.  This time I decided to try to create one by using a photograph and recreating it in a fashion using strips of paper.  I saw a photo that Kathleen Jennette posted awhile ago and asked her if I could use it and she said yes.  Here is the original:

Kathleen and the lemon photo_contrast mod

I just finished the photo collage.  It still needs some touch-up, and the plan is to coat it with an acyrlic matte, but I’m excited to show it off.  It was very challenging, but it was also a lot of fun putting together.  Let me know what you think!

woman and lemon collage scaled down050520

Update 5/6/20:  I learned about a cool (free) editing program from Jen Goldie and decided to try it on the collage.  Look what glass effect did to it:

woman and lemon collage with glass effect 050620

Jen, this is wonderful.  Thank you for telling me about it!

36 thoughts on “First Photo Collage

      1. Lisa that is fine. Life puts us behind. Heck I just finally finished with the Steve Earle you did Saturday night…I do like the collage.
        You take your time!

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  1. Wow. This is just beautiful. I think you have captured the subject’s feeling as well as depicting it as it looks. And what a mysterious image, certainly makes me think there is a story here – the person just about to reach up and pick it? Or just look at it? And the aqua/ gold colors, a vibrant combination (and a favorite of mine). I also enjoy your paper choices (looking at the actual paper as it is, itself, vs the role it plays in collage – I enjoy doing that!). I’m so happy that the technique worked out for you, too. Thanks for showing me the results!

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    1. Thank you, Claudia. I’m so happy I ran across your post. Your tips were appreciated ❤
      The paper choices are magazine clippings. The blues all came from a photo out of National Geographic, of a giant iceberg! I would like to try and make my own colors on paper though. It was a lot of fun putting it together. Acrylic matte is on the way, and I have permanent glue on order as well 🙂

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