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dVerse — sonnet — Corona Spring

Springtime Painting - Spring Magic by Patricia Allingham Carlson
“Spring Magic” by Patricia Allingham Carlson

Corona Spring

It’s Spring! They sing and dance amongst the green;
Their eyes, they bounce; their noses suck the air;
Bright hues their senses eat — beyond compare!
Bullfrogs and birds and bumblebees convene.

None will dispute this year’s the best heard keens
Of chattered chips and hoots and croaks with dare;
Amalgamate of sound that’s joined with flair —
A giddy thrum arise as they careen.

You might believe a party’s going on,
A joie de vivre not witnessed e’er before.
Corona Vee declared us humans caged;
It chose the disc the needle did drop on.
We see and smell and hear behind the bars
It flipped the script of war that has been waged.



Today’s offering is in the form of a Petrarchan Sonnet, with 10-syllable lines.  I’m not positive everyone knows what flipping the script is, but it means turning the tables, or shifting the power balance.

Frank Hubeny is today’s host for dVerse.  Frank says:
To participate write a poem of fourteen lines (no other constraint is required) and post it on your blog.

36 thoughts on “dVerse — sonnet — Corona Spring

  1. CRITTER’S REVENGE might be an alternate title. You do well with sonnets. Your humor is dark, your message is layered in levity. Lot of sonnets out here tonight.

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  2. kaykuala

    We see and smell and hear behind the bars
    It flipped the script of war that has been waged.

    Yes, it suddenly condemned us in unlikely and mysterious ways, not conventional at all! Thus masks and social distancing or complete lockdown all seemed to create indignation and anger. The script certainly flipped over. Clever last line, Jade!


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    1. Thank you, Max. I’ve been all kinds of busy here today. Got outside and cleared “willow sticks” off the front yard, found an excellent way to get cat hair off of the floor (it comes us with the wire side of the cat brush with ease!), moved several houseplants around, put some winter clutter away, vacuumed really well, AND made sourdough bread. A tom turkey woke me up this morning, pecking at the back slider over and over again! I think he sees the houseplants and thinks they’d make a good nest? I scared the crap out of him when I came to the window and started knocking back.

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      1. Lol on the Turkey…that is funny. We have a few here also.

        That is cool about the hair…Martha is starting to leave hair here and there.

        You were really busy! That is awesome.

        I haven’t been able to do much because of constant calls. I did make some fish and chips and everyone liked them. I’ve tried to cook some now that I don’t have that drive….mixed results to me but Jen is happy lol.

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        1. With the cat hair, as much as I brush Mlady multiple times a day — she demands it! — Dotty’s hair is everywhere, even though she’s a short-haired cat. I lost the rat-tailed comb I had to comb her which is the only thing she’ll let me use on her, she it falls everywhere.

          Glad you are practicing your cooking skills. Practice is good. Sounds like your family enjoys your cooking :)(

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  3. I have an ongoing battle with cat hair, too, Lisa, although it’s all over me – and the duvet cover where Mojo sleeps on me! She loves being brushed, and the birds are grateful for the ball of cat hair in the garden, but Luna runs a mile when she sees the brush!
    What I love most about your sonnet is the wonderful cacophony of spring sounds in the middle stanza. Everything is silent at the moment, so your words have planted sound images in my brain until the birds start up again.

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  4. I keep thinking of that flipping- rejoicing in it really. My daughter sent me a picture of a bay by Mumbai covered with pink flamingos- since the pollution haze has diminished radically and construction noise has ceased, the population of visiting flamingos has tripled. Nature’s turnaround is quick indeed. Gives my heart hope.

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    1. Doing ok today, Arti, thank you for asking. I’m heading out the door in a minute to take a walk with my kids (maintaining 6 foot distance and wearing face masks.) First time seeing them in almost 2 months. I’m excited. Hoping you are enjoying your weekend.


    1. Thank you, Bjorn.

      I wanted to ask you how your sourdough has been going? Make anything yet? I’ve made a loaf of challah bread, sourdough pancakes a couple of times, and just made 2 loaves of regular sourdough.


        1. Awesome! It’s so much healthier than anything bought at the store, it resists molding, and it’s already half-digested by yeasts and so easier on the digestive system.


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