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#FFFC 65 — Origin


The assembled team had been following clues across terrains on continents for a decade. The virus had decimated two-thirds of the human population. All attempts to build a vaccine failed as more died. Consensus was reached that the origin of the virus needed to be found. The rumor it was in some open air market was planted by the forces working to exterminate humans.

On a Tuesday morning, they found the cave entrance, which had been carefully concealed by shrubbery. They walked a mile through a corridor of granite that had been blasted out of the side of Mount Giger until they reached a hollowed out hall. Light poured in from an indiscernible source.

There they sat, row after row, their shriveled faces contorted into smiles.

The most shriveled of the bunch spoke. “We knew it was inevitable you would find us. Too bad it’s too late. Soon the planet will be ours.”

Captain Achilles pulled out his axe and said, “Too bad you’ll never live to see it.”

Fandango is the host of Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

36 thoughts on “#FFFC 65 — Origin

      1. My CPAP cleaner uses activated oxygen O3 (ozone) a naturally occurring gas, that is supposed to be extremely safe and it kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and other pathogens and it has been used to purify water since the 1800s. In my dream it was added to the ventilators of the people that were being treated for Covid-19 and they all recovered after a few treatments.

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      1. Oh yea…I’m no different than anyone else Lisa. Living so careful that your are not living…you know what I mean? But yea most days I’m pretty happy but some days this gets to me a little.

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  1. hmm… and the Pentagon just confirmed (for once) some Navy footage of UFOs…
    I have to say that while I think there has been an ongoing movement to conceal what the US and UK governments know about alien life forms and that there MUST be some intelligent life elsewhere in this universe, this virus seems to be to be typical and earth-based. Science has long known the strain, but not seen it outside of bats. But when you get people collecting those bats, stuffing them into crowded markets with all sorts of other wild animals, and eating the bats, it seemed inevitable. Bryan Adams is rude but I have to agree with him – the world needs to shut down these “wet markets” before the next, maybe bigger, virus roars out of it.

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    1. Wow you’ve got to be kidding on the UFOs?? I think the virus is already mutating. My DIL said some form of it is hitting kids in a terrible way 😦


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