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FFFC 78 — a rare find

Andy and Lance had gone over this field dozens of times over the years. Now both in their 70's their steps were a little shorter and the wave of the detector a little slower. That sunny Saturday morning Andy's machine had a conniption fit. What on earth could it be. He spaded up the area… Continue reading FFFC 78 — a rare find

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FFFC 77 — heaven on earth

My parents wanted me to be an accountant. That made me blue. Instead I dreamed of palettes across the sky. College was not to be. I hitched a ride on the star of a Gypsy and we embarked on adventures only dreamers may travel. Across time zones, continents, and oceans we found ourselves in a… Continue reading FFFC 77 — heaven on earth

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#FFFC — The Merman

Every night at 11:30 he sent it. She would be waiting with her cloak on for its faint glimmer at the far end of the field. Its glow would grow brighter as it got closer, until finally it was at her door. She followed it to him, to the cave she could never find in… Continue reading #FFFC — The Merman

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#FFFC 70 — Please be seated.

  I jumped the train just as it rolled away from the station. The conductor's frown as he collected the fare turned into a smile with a $5 tip. I'd never seen the train so full as today. There must be a special event in the city drawing suburbanites in. Not a seat to be… Continue reading #FFFC 70 — Please be seated.

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#FFFC 69 — Bimbo Baggins

Many remember the stories of Skittle Earth and the adventures of the hobbits. No matter how many volumes are written, some stories escape telling for one reason or another. I'm here today to tell one of them. Most of the hobbits mentioned in the books are male. Today's story is about a female hobbit named… Continue reading #FFFC 69 — Bimbo Baggins

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#FFFC 68 — Every 30 years

On the first day of the summer solstice the villagers of the seaside village of Winsome noticed a house between the cliffs and the sea that had never been there before. It was a curious-looking habitation where the cottage was made of stone and a brick tower appeared to have been added as an afterthought.… Continue reading #FFFC 68 — Every 30 years

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FFFC #66 — Fatal Flaw

Fatal Flaw The consummate game designer sipped his tea while reminiscing over bug fixes he'd done on this one over the years. The “forty days forty nights” reboot appeared to restore balance to it. “Series of hurricanes” kept the players busy for awhile, but soon they were right back to the flawed parts that threw… Continue reading FFFC #66 — Fatal Flaw

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#FFFC 65 — Origin

The assembled team had been following clues across terrains on continents for a decade. The virus had decimated two-thirds of the human population. All attempts to build a vaccine failed as more died. Consensus was reached that the origin of the virus needed to be found. The rumor it was in some open air market… Continue reading #FFFC 65 — Origin

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#FFFC 57 — Recurring…

Every night it is the same dream. It starts with my standing in front of a 3-story brick home at dusk. I look up to the window to the right of the entryway and see a soft yellow glow getting brighter, until I see a figure at the window holding a shiny metal candle holder… Continue reading #FFFC 57 — Recurring…

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#FFC 56 — Descent

The election was over. King Joffrey had been trounced every which-way. Raising a tiny fist to the sky, the deposed despot screamed, “I'll grab you by the p*ssy again someday, you'll see!” There was a loud clap of thunder and all clouds within sight gathered high in the sky. Lightning flashed and the supercloud descended.… Continue reading #FFC 56 — Descent