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Jim Adams is the dependable host of Mindlovemisery Menagerie’s Music Challenge.  Jim says:
The challenge today is to focus on “Dear Mr. Fantasy,” by Traffic, written by Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood, and Chris Wood, and use it for a short story, a piece of flash fiction, or a poem that you can share with the WordPress writing community.

I know it may not be right or fair to musicians to want them to play only their hits, as they probably get sick and tired of playing the same songs, but that’s what I want to hear if I go to a concert. If I become a big fan of a group, I drool at the thought of hearing new music by them, but not at a concert. Buying their album, letting it imprint itself upon me through multiple listens, is the way to do it, not in the ecstatic state that is induced in a crowd of others who are emotionally charged as they appreciate the live performance of their rock and roll gods and goddesses.

There are songs – actually two songs and a comment – that come to mind when the fantasy is what is demanded.

The first one is The Band’s song, Stagefright. I’m thinking of when they performed it at, “The Last Waltz.” As Rick Danko is singing, Robbie Robertson’s face is highlighted in ultra-white light. I stare at his face every time I watch it, trying to see the stage fright. At the time I wonder if that’s why they are calling it quits.



The second one is from Joni Mitchell’s live album, “Miles of Aisles,” when the audience is yelling out requests. In her introduction to, “The Circle Game,” she makes a comment about it.


The last one is on a more personal level, with Leon Russell and “Tight Rope,” where his lover wants to see one thing and tunes out the rest. In this case, he decides to continue the charade. Will they last?


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  1. Robbie Robertson is making some strange faces while he is playing this song and he also looks a bit sweaty. The Band called it quits because they were not getting along any more and they felt like Robbie Robertson got a bigger piece of the pie than he deserved. Great music Li, thanks for joining in again.

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Yes, he is. I’m sure the song is about him. About them breaking up, you see where that got them. It’s an irreconcilable dilemma that of musical artists that play in bands. It is their creativity that enables their production but at the same time makes them fickle and often egoists. You are welcome.

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      1. When they were poor and working for peanuts, they were happy, but when they became rich and famous that did not satisfy them.

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  2. nice selection. I’m with you, fed up as they might be with singing the old favourites, a few moments doing so is not a bad trade-off for the comforts they have in the rest of their lives.

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  3. rivrvlogr says:

    When I see a performance like anything in The Last Waltz, the raw emotion put into the performance, I wonder how they could not want to do that. But then, there’s the band chemistry, and each member still has that emotion and energy to put into the next performance, wherever, and with whomever, it may be.

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Good observations.

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  4. memadtwo says:

    I love that riff by Joni. But part of performance is repetition. Think of how many times the actors in a touring company repeat the same lines…(k)

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  5. badfinger20 says:

    I’ve read where Stage Fright was written about Bob Dylan…how true that is I don’t know…it was when he didn’t tour in the late sixties after his motorcycle wreck…it could be completely false.
    Great song…in my top 10 of Band songs.

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    1. msjadeli says:

      I remember reading about his aversion to touring after the wreck also. The Band and Dylan had great chemistry with each other.

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      1. badfinger20 says:

        No offense to Tom Petty or the Dead but The Band backed him up better than anyone in my humble opinion. They did have a connection.

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  6. I went to ashow one time where someone in the audience requested a song and the answer back from the musician was “We already played it. You didnt recognize it”
    No one sings will more feeling than Danko.

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