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Doodads — 5/15/20

I’ve been working out in the yard a lot these past days.  So many things to report!

asparagus single stalk scaled down 051520
The asparagus is coming up. Every year the spears get more substantial.
asparagus stalks scaled down
So far 4 are above the ground, but I accidentally mowed one over — oops!  It will grow back.
rhubarb scaled down
What I thought was Swiss Chard turned out to be rhubarb!  Are the leaves edible?  What is that bulbous thing?


robin nest scaled down
Looky what I found while hauling a wheelbarrow of lawn detritus back to the brush pile.  It’s a favorite spot for the robins to build a nest.
tomato cages protecting lilies scaled down
Remember the tomato cage I put on the lilies that disappeared?  I found it out in the yard.  Whether wind blew it there or it was dislodged from antlers, it’s back and protecting the lilies.
turkey in the yard scaled down
This is the tom turkey that woke me up the other morning by pecking at the back slider.  The hen he is trying to impress likes to hang out under the bird feeders.  He waits for her to look his way then puffs out.  I’m trying to capture him in his glory in a photo, but so far no luck.

Other news:  One of the bluebird houses is…. occupied by bluebirds!  I moved a couple houses around and one of them is off by itself.  I couldn’t be any happier to see them.  Trillers have bullied them away from a couple of the houses they had been nesting in every year.

I went for a bike ride today, a shorter route than usual, almost 7 miles.  One of the main roads had a very wide shoulder put on both sides of it, which means I can use it to ride on.  It is a perfect day for a ride.  The ditches on my road don’t have nearly the water in them as I saw on other roads.  Good thing their ditches are so deep!

On a final note, don’t mean to spoil the garden party, but going through email today I learned that in the past couple of days there was another protest in Lansing, where armed people are getting loud.  Some dickhead protestor showed up with a garbage can containing an axe and an American flag on a stick/pole.  Attached to the stick pole, was a naked Barbie doll hanging from a noose.  Someone in the crowd found it so offensive — which it is — that she attempted to take the stick/pole with the flag and the lynched doll away from him.  They tussled.  Looks like it was one-on-one.  Nobody was arrested.


From mlive

LANSING, MI — A fight broke out on the steps of the Michigan Capitol Thursday morning during a protest aimed at Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the ongoing state of emergency and stay-at-home orders.

J. Scott Park, an MLive photographer, witnessed the fight break out after a man carrying a garbage can filled with a sign, an ax and an American flag removed the flag from the can. Attached to the bottom of the flag was an unclothed doll with brown hair that was hanging from a noose.

Organizers of the protest called the display “hate speech” and when one protester tried to take the doll off the flag a skirmish broke out. The man who brought the flag fled away from the fight and to the lawn of the Capitol where Michigan State Police surrounded him.

The man was taken into the Capitol building following the altercation. Michigan State Police reported there were no injuries and no arrests were made.

MSP public information officer Lt. Brian Oleksyk said the man who brought the flag was interviewed by police and he will be allowed to press charges if he elects to.

“We took his report, we will investigate thoroughly and file our report,” Oleksyk said.

In his report, the victim stated that he and the person he fought with have had issues with one another prior to Thursday’s protest, but details on those incidents could not be shared by police. The man was allowed to leave the Capitol property and did so without further incident, according to Oleksyk.

Following the fight, an unidentified woman who claimed to be the one who grabbed the flag from the man was seen speaking to other protesters.

“I took his flag away, because that’s not what it stands for,” the woman can be heard saying in a video.

The same woman later took the stage to address the crowd and said she would not stand for those actions and would resort to violence if necessary.

“Hate crimes are not tolerated in Michigan, end of story,” she said. “Just so you guys know, I’ll fight that, physically if I have to.”

Jazmine Early, 49, of Sterling Heights attended the protest and said she was aware prior to the event that some people would be attending in hopes of causing problems and drawing attention away from the meaning of the gathering.

“He came with something that he thought would catch attention from the media,” Early said. “They started arguing and he was asked kindly please not do that.

“Yesterday, we were warned that there would be … people coming from the other side to look like they were on our side. And the media, I’m pretty sure, is going to talk only about that.”

Um, right.  “The other side”  “Only talk about that”  Yep.  Like it’s some little thing.  I don’t believe it was “the other side.”  It’s just the type of thing a drumpf-supporting low-life would do.

I wasn’t able to lift the pictures but if you follow the link you can see them.

31 thoughts on “Doodads — 5/15/20

    1. I haven’t seen Two Hung Low lately but the food dish is empty every morning. What, you don’t like his name? If he becomes other than that, I’ll change it — to None Hung Low. I can’t disagree with what you say about MI people 😦 We’re hurting and hurting people do crazy sh*t.

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  1. Nice garden Li. 😊 We used to have rhubarb behind our garage as it grew in shade. But don’t eat the leaves! Compost or mulch. They’re poison.
    You must be sad to see what’s happening in your State. I’m so sorry. Are your elected officials taking action?

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    1. OK good to know about the leaves. What is that bulb thing growing in the center, do you know?

      I’m heartbroken over what’s happening in Lansing. The Republican dominated legislative bodies are suing Governor Whitmer for continuing the lockdown beyond 28 days without their endorsement. It’s being heard by a judge at some level right now, but the information came out that there are 2 laws on the books about our governor’s emergency powers. The earlier one says she can continue it under certain circumstances and COVID-19 falls into one of those circumstances. They are suing based on the 2nd law, but what has come to light is none of the 2nd law removes any of the power of the first. It’s still pending so we’ll see what happens. It could go several ways. About the armed militia and other protestors (didn’t realize axes were part of the open carry law?) a committee is studying whether they want to ban arms at the capitol building. In the meantime….

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      1. Oh %#$#!! Too bad viruses don’t have committees or a time frame.
        “OH look! He intends to jump off the roof.”
        “What should we do?”
        “Let’s go for a beer and make a plan.”
        “We could vote on it.”
        “I dunno what are the rules?”
        “I think we’ll have to wait.”
        “Oh well.”
        Sorry Li 😌
        They’re going by a book that hasn’t been written yet!

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          1. I’m sorry I just find it so depressing!
            I saw a twitter post from someone.
            “Can we get these protestors to waive their right to future medical care in protest as well? I’m sure they would be willing to sign something to that effect, right? Just to make sure they aren’t the ones crowding the hospital in a month or so.” end quote
            I hope the protesters are right, for their sake. It’s not just MI that has them.
            Take good care

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  2. Love the picture of the nest. A nest is one of the most perfect things in nature.

    A skirmish is one of the ugliest things in nature. I hope things get better there.

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  3. You have so many interesting creatures in your yard! I would love to find a nest like that. ❤ Those eggs are so blue! My asparagus is coming up thick too. I was going to plant tomatoes in the bed but stalks are popping up in all sorts of weird places so I don't think that's wise anymore. I think the bulby thing in your rhubarb is uncurled leaves.

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    1. Where the nest is gets protection by a board overhead but still has some light that gets in. Yes they are very blue. I hope they make it. There have been some big birds hanging around, like crows and grackles and blue jays that love to raid other birds’ nests 😦 I’ve got 5 tomatoes that sprouted but danger of frost isn’t over yet so they have to wait to get planted. Ok on the bulb thing. It looks alien and was hoping it wasn’t a pod for pod people!

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      1. I dont like that part of nature. Uck. It’s a wonder anything survives.
        We’ve still got frost danger too. I’ve got so many darn plants waiting to go outside. May your tomatoes grow strong and produce well!
        EEEK! Do you think if it was a pod for pod people , the pod people would taste fruity? Cuz maybe…we could eat them instead! Ha!

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  4. As people keep pointing out, if those armed protesters were black or Latino they would have been arrested or shot. Everyone is frustrated–if we had leadership, and a plan, people could see some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Even some truth-telling would go a long way.

    I love all the life in your garden. (K)

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    1. I am certain they are right. I feel that in MI we had a chance to recover after the Bush years and regained Dem seats. But the Dems turned out to be no different than the Reps. Like you said, we need a light at the end of the tunnel. We as a nation are demoralized. I also believe in the cyclicity of things (yin turns to yang turns to yin) and am waiting for the completion of the cycle, which I hope comes real soon.

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  5. Nice to see that you have been yard with quite a lot of work. Nice garden too.
    Here since I am in an apartment complex, I don’t have the luxury of a lot of a yard. Nevertheless, there is a small garden and trees and plants all around the perimeter, giving us the much-needed greenery.
    I have been following what is Michigan. The political confrontation does no one any good. It’s a time for people to bury their differences and be one to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the community.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Pradeep. Yes, we need to end the rift. Glad you have greenery where you are. It makes such a difference to mood. Do you grow houseplants?


    1. The reality, Paul, is that the middle class has been squeezed out to a large extent. They don’t go up in the squeeze. If you were to drive back roads in rural areas and a couple of blocks off of the main streets in the cities, you might be very shocked at what you see. I could take you places that you would swear were not real. We are a nation that’s hurting. The vampires at the top are sucking the life out of us and the planet. They are mesmerized by the orange man who is their voice, like the Wizard of Oz. His latest attack is on Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, who happens to be female. It’s full onslaught misogyny, saying she’s a “dominating mother” with her C-19 precautions, and I’m sure much worse.

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      1. Yes, same here in regards to the disappearing middle class, but much quieter, same in most western countries sadly. What puzzles most thinking Aussies is how contradictory your politics appears on the surface, like, they need voice – but – surely not the orange voice. But then we have a fool for PM and the UK have a dill. And so it goes. I hope the orange one goes, then you/we all can get back to more normal corruption 🙂

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