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What do you see # 30 — Another chance?

Image credit- Pixabay- Majaranda

After the end times when only scattered evidence of human existence were left, what it meant to be human faded into dust.

The planet’s sickness subsided and all living things began to flourish in the harmony of a balanced ecosystem.

It was then that The Goddess chose to visit Mother Gaia for tea. She arrived at the designated place, at the last bench. Overlooking a field that separate the peach tree orchards, The Goddess tiptoed her way to it. Once seated, she looked around and saw it was good.

The reason for her visit was to discuss whether a new and improved model of humankind would be released upon Mother Gaia. The new and improved model had a limiter on its ego and the “exploit” gene had been spliced out. The heart was bigger and the soul had easy access but also had a force shield against corrupting influences.

Mother Gaia still shivered at the thought of giving humans another chance. The previous time they’d almost committed matricide. But she loved humans so when they behaved themselves. The modifications sounded like they would do the trick. Mother Gaia smiled and nodded her consent to bring them back.

Neither The Goddess nor Mother Gaia saw the shadow listening in the tree.

Or did they?

Sadje is the host of What do you see?

23 thoughts on “What do you see # 30 — Another chance?

    1. You are welcome. With that end, it acknowledges there is no light without shadow, BUT we will be better able to resist it with our “new and improved” selves. Maybe this story is talking about humans being wiped out. But maybe it is a metaphor for post-Covid-19…

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  1. You know JadeLi, I think those improvements could work. But never underestimate the human capacity to screw itself. I like the twist at the end, light and shadow, good and evil, we will never get away from.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh….. reminds me of the old radio show… I think the tag line was something like;
    Only the Shadow knows for sure…
    Ah here it is “The Shadow Knows! Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”
    Perhaps Gaia and The Goddess also know?

    Liked by 1 person

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