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dVerse — #NaTaMo — Showy Strangers


Rhubarb blossoms
Showy strangers
Iris and peony
Hiccup, then
Sing welcome


Frank J. Tassone is today’s host of dVerse.Β  Frank says:
Write a five (5)-line Japanese-form poem of your choice: tanka, kyoka or gogyohka.

58 thoughts on “dVerse — #NaTaMo — Showy Strangers

  1. I love how the iris and peony hiccupped Lisa, it’s such a surprise how quickly rhubarb blossoms can emerge 🌺

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    1. My grandma used to make rhubary/strawberry pie which I want to make so I bought the plant last year. It appeared to die over the summer, which then surprised me when it sprouted this spring. Then this blossom!


  2. I have a feeling you should cut it down before it seeds – if you are a rhubarb grower, rather than a rhubarb flower grower! I’ve always cut mine down because they take energy from the stem and leaf production. Then I googled it to make sure, and found this!:

    gardening conversations aside, I enjoyed your kyoka very much. I especially liked the unexpected hiccuping! ~Great verb choice.

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