Novelty Song Friday #11 — “Bubbles in the Wine,” by Dex Dubious


15 remixes by today’s hottest underground DJs, Lawrence Welk like you’ve never heard before. ‘A preposterous idea? Absolutely. But that’s what makes the set so charming. This concept should not work, but it does – in a very quirky Playboy mansion pool party way.’ – Billboard.

“Dance of a peppy chill-out variety reigns here, which is precisely why it excels — chill-out is the modern-day variant of Welk’s own self-labeled “champagne music.” And no remix will be more appealing to today¹s hipsters than Dex Dubious’ “Bubbles in the Wine.” Featuring a campy 50s-era instructional sound bite on just what makes sparkling wine “light and gay,” this is the perfect effervescent party track, of a timeless vintage. “Here as in most things it’s not what you drink but how much you drink that affects your appreciation of wines make it a toast to my new friend, wine.” Cheers!… “
Doug Rule–Metro Weekly-SOUNDWAVES (Washington DC) 09/02/2004 —source page

from resident advisor reviewer, Deana Morgan on 12/12/04:
Upstairs at Larry’s: Lawrence Welk Uncorked is perhaps the most clever remix attempt ever produced—if nothing else, it’s the most unique. Imagine Mr. Welk’s big band orchestra, and all the square-safety of the 50’s, revamped into a swanky, funky, dubby, house-music mix CD? Sounds impossible, but the result is so good, you’ll have to buy a copy and decide for yourself. Upstairs at Larry’s is not a cover album, nor is it a thud-thud-boom-boom dance album; but rather, it’s exits somewhere quite inexplicably in between the two. And it’s done in such a way that eighty year old grannies will love it just as much as the too-cool twenty-something lounge set.

Larry’s includes announcements from the Lawrence Welk show as well as promotional bits and samples– such as in Dex Dubious’ remix of “Bubbles in the Wine.” The quirky audio sample instructs us on the proper manner which one should drink champagne. The producers cleverly alternate these bits with house-influenced dub, funk, and minimalist remixes. Some of the tracks, like Joy & The Spider’s remix of “You Are My Sunshine” are pure genius. Who would have imagined that Guy & Ralna’s acid house vocals could turn “Sunshine” into such a modern, dance floor hit? Other stand-outs sure to peak on your iTunes playlist are Q-Burns Abstract Message remix of “You Can Dance,” Boston Tea Boys’ take on “Honey,” Greens Keepers’ “Green Sheik of Araby,” and Smitty’s hauntingly swirly remix of “Blue Velvet.”

Overall, the production value is extremely high—Larry’s is a feat well accomplished. The square sounds of Welk seamlessly blend with swanky horns, rumbling basslines, mysterious Middle Eastern riffs, and the occasional minimalist treatment. The beauty of this disc is that it maintains its freshness through multiple listens. What may seem like an utterly preposterous notion (remixing Lawrence Welk for dance music headz?) becomes a sexy-loungey, come-hither compilation. And you don’t even have to be a Welk fan to enjoy it—I certainly wasn’t.

Cheers to luscious experiments in the campy arena.

I heard this album by chance maybe 10 years ago and used to have it on my old computer.  I searched for it from time to time after losing it couldn’t find it as I searched for “Uncorked” instead of the actual title.  Today, out on an errand, Pandora played, “Bubbles in the Wine” which listed the artist’s name, which led me to the album.  Glory Be.  Another favorite of mine from this album is “Baby Elephant Walk” by Monkey Bars.




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  1. I don’t know much about wine, but I found this interesting. It is too bad that they didn’t make a better video to go with the song, or is this actually a song?

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    1. msjadeli says:

      They took actual songs Lawrence Welk did on his show and “mixed” them (not sure the terminology.) Probably not a lot of money left over after producing the music to make music videos, but you are right, all of these songs deserve sassy videos.

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  2. ghostmmnc says:

    Cute sounding song. I’d not heard it before.
    I remember watching the Lawrence Welk show a lot when I was younger. Also, Ralna English was raised right around here, and is on our ‘wall of fame’ which honors performers that have strong connections to our city.

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    1. msjadeli says:

      I did not know her by name, but I immediately recognized her. She mostly sang with that handsome husband of hers 🙂 I grew up with the show, and when I had cable my ex and I watched it on PBS on Saturday nights (along with Antiques Road Show.) So cool that Ralna was raised near you. I know Buddy Holly is another one you mentioned who grew up near you.

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  3. memadtwo says:

    Clever! My mother always watched the show. She loved the Lennon Sisters. (K)

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    1. msjadeli says:

      I always watched it at my grandparents’ house. It was a weekly event. I liked the Lennon Sisters also. Grandma’s favorite was Myron Floren, the accordian player. I liked the Irish guy with the high voice I think his name was Denny.

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      1. memadtwo says:

        Yes I remember him too.

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  4. badfinger20 (Max) says:

    You got me again Lisa…this is a fun song I will admit.

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Yes, it is! Glad you like it, Max.

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