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Video: Liberal Redneck | Minnesota Burning — Vox Populi

I echo the feelings of the Liberal Redneck.  The Sheriff in my county attended a large peaceful protest over the weekend.  Like the Sheriffs he mentions in the video, ours also condemned the actions of the police officer killing in Minneapolis.  Any law enforcement officer who isn’t with the program of acknowledging something is criminally wrong there is in for a world of hurt.

50 miles away, in Grand Rapids, police are using tear gas and rubber bullets on rioters.  What a different mindset just a short distance from here.

Justice for George Floyd. These cops are out of control, y’all.

via Video: Liberal Redneck | Minnesota Burning — Vox Populi

15 thoughts on “Video: Liberal Redneck | Minnesota Burning — Vox Populi

        1. That has to mean something. I got a text with a youtube attachment today from my hair salon describing all of the “protective measures” they’ve put in place there. They are ready to go as soon as the governor gives the green light. I will have to buy a mask because I’ve only been in one store since mid-march and used a winter scarf. The salon expects us to wear a mask. I don’t think anyone alive right now will forget 2020.

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        1. Yes, Kate. In my work as a juvenile probation officer, I came across a lot of law enforcement people. Most are good people who serve the community in the interest of safety, but like in every profession, the bad eggs spoil it.

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