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dVerse — quadrille 105 — Blue Reign

Blue rain in a blue dream Painting by Elena Mosurak | Artmajeur“Blue rain in a blue dream,” by Elena Mosurak


Blue Reign

My bony knee’s
strong, stubborn,
crumpling your larynx.

I’m Hades’ magnet
sucking your qi;
your boom’s whimpered.

Such dark revelry for me
as your life slips away:
All Hail Box Crusher.

Stupid paralyzed crowd
is impotent to blue reign —
we kill as we please.



Linda Lee Lyberg is today’s host of dVerse.  Linda says:
Today, I am challenging you to write a poem with the word ‘SLIP’, as in slip, slippery, slipcover, cowslip, slipper, a slip of a thing, a slip of the pen, and the iconic Freudian slip. Use this word to help express your anger, sadness, joy, love, or outrage. The form we will be using is a Quadrille.

50 thoughts on “dVerse — quadrille 105 — Blue Reign

  1. A beautiful blue image to accompany your quadrille, Lisa. The opening lines are surprising – the whole poem is surprising! I like the phrase ‘your boom’s whimpered’ and the oxymoron ‘dark revelry’.

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  2. The blue who stood by are equally guilty. What manner of man can stand by and watch such an act? It’s become the tipping point of discontent and the violence in our cities is frightening. Reasoning citizens (who represent the majority) are aghast.

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  3. I see we went the same way tonight Lisa both writing about George Floyd. For me it is two days in a row. I am having a hard time coming to terms with what happened. I really enjoyed your poem and your reference to ‘blue reign’

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    1. Thank you, Christine. It’s difficult not to think about George Floyd right now. Just like Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and all of the others before him. Their murders are like a gaping wound on our country’s soul that is never allowed to heal 😦

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  4. That first stanza is so powerful, and then it goes on from there. It’s hard to comment on a poem that’s about such a difficult and disturbing subject, but this is very strong, and you end it with a punch.

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  5. You capture the brutality in that first stanza. I can’t quite believe some of the stuff I’m seeing coming out of America over the past couple of days. Words just don’t seem enough for the sheer wrongness of it all.

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  6. Really difficult to add anything to above comments – this is the work of the poet, to express the horrors and beauty of life around it and translate it into an art that bypasses people’s defenses and allows them to feel and understand not only through heart and mind, but also through the aesthetic sense inherent in each of us.

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  7. there needs to be a fundamental shift in police function, maybe a catch phrase would help them focus… hmmm let’s see… how bout “to serve and protect.” think we can get behind that? important poem Lisa

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    1. Lona, thank you. I think having mandatory bachelor’s degree would go a long way to mitigating the abuses, murders, wrong imprisonments, etc. Many police departments require a high school diploma and passing a physical agility test. The desire to carry a gun and a badge and to run fast is not enough and never has been. Character and psychological assessments must be done as well and happen annually. Police officers have one of the most dangerous and difficult jobs out there, and burnout has got to be off the charts.

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