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#FFFC 69 — Bimbo Baggins

image is from Zane Lee at Unsplash.com

Many remember the stories of Skittle Earth and the adventures of the hobbits. No matter how many volumes are written, some stories escape telling for one reason or another. I’m here today to tell one of them.

Most of the hobbits mentioned in the books are male. Today’s story is about a female hobbit named Bimbo.

Bimbo’s birth was unremarkable, yet not much time passed before her parents observed their daughter’s remarkable ability to play music and sing. At first Bimbo would tap out tunes with her toys and whistle melodies they’d never heard before. By the time she reached toddler age her father gave her a small wooden ukelele he’d carved from the branch of a fallen red oak. Bimbo clapped her chubby hands together and picked it up like she’d played it all of her life. Oh the songs she pulled from thin air!

By the time she was a teenager, Bimbo was giving weekly concerts in the town square.

Remember when Gandalf came to take Bilbo, who was a great uncle of Bimbo’s, on the great quest to Smaug’s lair? The part they left out was when Bimbo caught a ride with them to the great city of Greenton. Greenton’s theaters’ renown in all of Middle Earth made it a natural choice for Bimbo to make her mark in the entertainment world.

What nobody realized is that Bimbo’s father, as a young man, long before meeting Bimbo’s mother, was caught trying to steal a chicken from the dwarf crone who lived on the outskirts of Hobbiton for Sunday dinner. Caught red-handed, the crone made him give her one wish in exchange for her not turning him into a toad. Her wish was to place a charm on his firstborn. The charm would make the firstborn skilled and famous, but all of the gold that was earned from the skill and fame had to be given to the crone โ€“ or else.

Bimbo’s father didn’t believe in such things and so forgot about it. The crone didn’t.

One night in July, under a full moon, a tapping was heard at door of the house of Bimbo’s parents.



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23 thoughts on “#FFFC 69 — Bimbo Baggins

        1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey guess what? I joined a writer’s (free) website, Scribophile (pedantry’s recommend) and have started doing critiques on WIPs there. I’m a total greenhorn but will get better with time. If I generate enough “karma points” by critiquing, I can post my own work so others can critique it. This, in turn, has inspired me to pull out the story I sent in to the contest last year. I’m polishing it up. It was good to get away from it for a bit. Once I’m happy with it, it will be submitted for critique.

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          1. Awesome Lisa! That will only make you better and make you think of things you never have before. If you keep on you will get noticed. I’m so happy to hear that.

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    1. Thanks, Christine. Hey you asked for my email address a few days ago. Did you email me? I’ve been looking and not seeing it and fear maybe accidentally got tossed?


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