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What do you see # 33 — The Wayback

Image credit – Pixabay ; DianaZG

Professor Charlton William Green has devoted his career to two major paths of research. One path focuses on time travel and one path focuses on reversing the aging process. Professor Green had his 106th birthday today. He’s running out of time.

After his six children, twelve grandchildren, eighteen great-grandchildren, and twenty-four great-great-grandchildren held a birthday picnic for him in the park, Professor Green had his youngest granddaughter drop him off at the lab. His stomach was a bit queasy from the greasy frosting of his cake, and the champagne was just a little too bubbly.

The grease and the bubbles joined in his subconscious and mixed with an issue with the discombobulator crank. Professor Green went to the back shelf of the back lab and came back with a canister of WD-40. Why hadn’t he thought of this before?

The professor turned on all of the switches, then went to each joint of his Time Traveling Age Reverser Machine and squirted it with WD-40,Β  then quickly got into the driver seat. He set the gauge for one million BC and the reverser to minus 99, then pushed the red and green buttons.









Charlie was seven years old and petting a stegasaurus.

One of my favorite old time cartoons was about Mr. Peabody and Sherman, the historical time travelers.

Sadje is the host of What do you see?

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