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#FFFC 70 — Please be seated.

image is from Fandango at fivedotoh.com


I jumped the train just as it rolled away from the station. The conductor’s frown as he collected the fare turned into a smile with a $5 tip.

I’d never seen the train so full as today. There must be a special event in the city drawing suburbanites in. Not a seat to be seen. The idea of standing the whole way made my legs tired.

After an hour of holding the section separator, I began to pray for a seat.

A thunderous sound above the fast-moving vehicle made all passengers look up. With a crackling noise a blinding light beamed into the car — focusing upon a large man with a New York baseball cap and white shirt. In mid-sentence, the man simply dematerialized.

A moment of silence filled the car.

Conversation ramped up again as if nothing had happened. I looked at the empty seat then sat down.



Fandango is the host of Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

17 thoughts on “#FFFC 70 — Please be seated.

        1. I must be slipping not to recognize it then 😦 Mind too distracted with other things. My mower broke down again and the hardware store that has pick up and drop off is not doing it now because of COVID their guy is 80 years old and they don’t want to risk it. In the meantime the grass grows and grows 😦


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