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#FFFC 73 — “It’s time.”

The image below is from Tatyana-Sanina at DeviantArt.com.

She stopped sleeping after the accident. Snippets of unconsciousness replaced it. Never enough snippets.

Her neighbor told her about a woman who could cure through hypnosis. At first Missy was skeptical, but when weeks turned into months without the rejuvenating respite of sleep, she was willing to try anything.

Missy called and set up an appointment with Dr. Morass and was given an address. Missy googled the building’s location and arrived early, as instructed.

The large building was in a mostly abandoned manufacturing district. The parking lot was empty. It had a plain concrete exterior with few windows. A sign on the front entrance had an arrow pointing to the right and said, “Entrance is off of the alley. Follow arrows.”

Missy’s doubts continued to grow. What kind of a hokey set-up was this? She felt the bone-weariness that plagued her always now and followed the arrows.

She opened the alley entrance and immediately went down a flight of stairs. She followed the arrows down a darkened corridor and felt ice fingers up and down her spine. She was about to turn back when she saw a bright light up ahead.

She climbed the flight of stairs leading towards the light, until she reached a domed atrium with a room bound by sheet glass walls underneath. In the center of of the room was a deep blue ceramic pool, maybe 10′ x 10′, filled with clear water.

She walked up to the glass door and pushed a service button. A tinkling bell sound filled the space. A voice from the intercom said, “You may enter. Please have a seat near the pool.”

Missy sat on a very comfortable chaise lounger and waited. Within 5 minutes, a plainly dressed lady came into the atrium. It was difficult to guess her age, as her skin had few wrinkles; but in the way she walked she seemed older. She reached out a hand to Missy in welcome and energy coursed between them as they shook hands. The woman looked into Missy’s eyes and Missy felt like she could see everything.

Missy, it’s time.”

Missy didn’t know what she meant, but she knew the woman was right.


Fandango is the host of Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

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