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Mask Contest Winners

Yes, that’s me behind the mask, June 25, first trip to salon since mid-March.


The Mask Contest started last week and ends today.  Read about the contest here.

And the winners are….   :::drumroll please::::  those who submitted an entry.

Jim Adams, Max, and Ken Gierke.


Each one of you shall have a poem constructed by me with a prompt word of your choice.

The point I’m trying to make is that everyone who wears a mask in the time of Covid-19 is a winner.

25 thoughts on “Mask Contest Winners

    1. A limerick:
      It is clear, to be heard, you must vote
      For the best of the swine and the choad
      To get bread, not just crust
      Mark your ‘x’ as you must
      Let’s get rid of the old billy goats!

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    1. You’re welcome, Jim.
      Here’s another limerick, this one about Mlady and Dotty:
      My two cats with white paws look like saints
      One has stripes, one has dots, soft-furred paints
      Pure intent is belied
      When a bug is espied
      As they pounce, torment, kill with such grace.

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        1. For you and your wife:
          He walked along a lonely path
          She walked along one too
          Both were convinced it’d be this way
          Forever lost to their soul mates
          To share their love so true
          They didn’t realize that
          Prayers to God are heard
          God sent them serendipity
          In the form of a tiny bird
          As each was walking on their paths
          They heard a priceless trill
          Each turned into the park
          She from the east, he from the west
          Both transfixed they followed
          The tiny triller’s song
          Until each stood beneath a tree
          Where he sang so sweet and long
          Finally he flew away
          And he and she looked down
          Into the precious eyes of each
          Neither could turn around
          Instead they smiled and took a step
          While holding out a hand
          Their other half they’d found

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          1. She loves it…she got a little emotional. She told me to tell you thank you and it was beautiful.
            She said she admires anyone who can write poems.

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              1. She really did…
                I’ve been off work since Thursday taking vacation days so we have had a great 5 day stretch…tomorrow it’s back to work though.

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