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The Waltons – Part 3 — then and now

I was out youtubing tonight and randomly came across this “then and now” on The Waltons:

13 thoughts on “The Waltons – Part 3 — then and now

    1. Jim, if there was one word to describe the show, it would be “grounding.” When the world is going crazy around me, this show or Northern Exposure is what I put on to calm me down.

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  1. The first 6-7 seasons are great. I did like the others but those are the ones I really get into. They were very well written and the characters remained true to themselves. Grandpa was the grandpa I wanted. They were not as goody goody as critics said… they had a great moral compass and did most things the right way instead of the easy way. Great influence without being preachy.

    Great memories of watching the show with my mom. I always had a crush on Erin…

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      1. Not John Boy! lol. I wanted Will Geer to be my grandpa. I think what made the show work is like I said…the characters remained consistent.

        Critics tried to shame viewers for watching it because the Waltons were doing the right thing…which always infuriated me…Ok… Off the soap box Max

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        1. Stand on the soap box as long as you want, Max. I like what you’re saying. Doesn’t it seem like these days doing the right thing gets laughed at? It is actually scary to me how the world turns these days.

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          1. Yes it does…common sense is a thing of the past….it will only stop when the world turns to ashes…well that was cheerful!
            I know what you mean though.

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