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dVerse — quadrille — Blue and Clouds

blue painting acrylic 071320 scaled
acrylic and silicon


Blue seems so far away,
yet here I stand, immersed.
Seen from a distance; clear,
yet felt so murkily within.

Clouds, wing-fluffed
mystical messengers;
cushioned protectors
from punishing glare.

Blue-clotted canvas
smoothed under moving
yet constant angel brushes —
watery dilutors of woe.


Kim from Writing in North Norfolk is today’s host of dVerse.  Kim says:
This week, I’d like you to take any meaning, form or compound of the word blue, and write a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting your title), including the prompt word.

54 thoughts on “dVerse — quadrille — Blue and Clouds

  1. oh wow! Just wow! I was sure I was going to say the second stanza was my favorite and then I read the third! Angel brushes and I can see the effect of the water on the paint…blurring it softly. Diluters of the harsh, the woeful. Just a lovely poem.

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  2. The image you chose reminds me of a shimmering cool pool, Lisa. I haven’t swum in a pool for years so, yes, blue does seem far away! I love the phrase you used for clouds: ‘watery dilutors of woe’.

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  3. Wow, we all are hot to pen some poetics. I love this /clouds, wing-fluffed mystical messengers.” I’m all excited about getting into the saddle again.

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  4. Art Is the ViRuS
    Spreading With Ease
    Blue Moon Horizons
    Become Endless Seas
    Even if it
    WaS ONly
    A Dark And
    Stormy Night
    Snoopy Joy
    Not For Publisher
    Editor or Target Audience DiSSenT
    ALWaYS Woodstock Flies Blues Higher Angel
    Feathered Yellow Gold Wings Only SeeKinG FreeR
    Skies LoVinG iT All iN JusT one SMiLE More To Come..:)

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