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dVerse — Poetics — imprint

“Echo and Narcissus” by Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée


Pulled up to the empty parking lot of the restaurant.
Amend that, empty except for one giant Yamaha crotch rocket
and a man, standing off to the side, looking at the back patio.
His back turned so I could get a long look at his long frame
in his tan dress pants and matching tan plaid dress shirt.
Like a baby duck imprinting on a human, I imprinted that day.

I followed him restaurant to restaurant that Sunday.
In these-here parts, so many close down on the Lord’s Day of rest.
Not the little smoke-choke dive bars though. They seem open 24/7.
It’s where we sat at a small rickety table and talked for hours.
He laid out every sin he’d committed – or so he said at the time –
So there wouldn’t be surprises later. He was sincere and handsome.

I continued to follow him anywhere, like an innocent baby duck,
even when he turned into a hungry wolf, plucking my feathers
one by one with his utilitarian teeth and chilling contorted smile.
His voice saying, “Hello, Lisa,” in a deep bass croon, shivered me.
The words and timber remained, but the shiver changed to terror.
His twin, the Yamaha, elicited a similar shift, when he came home.



Today’s guest host — and one of the founding members of dVerse — is Brian Miller.  Brian says:
Today, I want you to capture a moment in your verse. Clearly describe to us what is in that moment. Paint a picture for us with your words that will evoke our own emotions and experiences. If you need to, find a picture and write about it. Maybe you have a favorite photograph you want to share. If not, write us the picture, so we can see it, taste it, smell it.

48 thoughts on “dVerse — Poetics — imprint

  1. Well that certainly took a turn there in the end. The duck metaphor works especially when he is ripping out the feathers with his teeth. Its an interesting parallel to the motorcycle in the closing lines. I certainly hope u escaped.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brian at least part of me did. Also, I wanted to tell you I’ve tried 3 times to make comment in the pub but it doesn’t seem to want to take them. Glad to meet you and express appreciation for the space you’ve created at the dverse pub. It’s been a joy to participate there. Thank you and Cheers!


  2. A poignant word picture of the trusting baby duck and the plucking of its feathers, all of it tied with the cursed Yamaha. Riveting write.

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  3. Love and lust and loneliness creates harness and blinders, all leather straps and deep kisses–but when the blinders come off, the stark unforgiving light exposes all blemishes and traits; and truth emerges from the sultry haze.

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    1. Good way of putting it, K. Exactly. It was an incremental encroachment that reached critical mass, then there I was a plucked duckling, shivering in the chill. What was worst is that things were ramping up as retirement approached and I also had to contend with the slimy boss. Glad all that is done with now.

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  4. Oh Lisa! They draw you in, pluck your feathers and spit you out. Some of us find out the hard way and remember the lesson, others never learn. Never believe a man who offers every sin he’s committed – there are always surprises. I like the way you kept the poem deceptively upbeat, until the chilling end.

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    1. Kim thank you for your insightful comment. It felt just like that also, mostly aggravating until the end, when it took a turn. When he knew I was serious about ending it, things turned fast.

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  5. all said above Lisa, started innocent enough but as the intensity ramped up the ending became chilly … sorry this happened!
    This is just the kind of scenario I wrote today poem “reality” about …

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  6. The writing – detailed, graphic, compelling. I am somehow crawling through these words…it is like a flashback to a time so vivid it has burned in my memory. I feel pain and somehow longing at the same time. Longing for a normal and finding this instead….youth (duckling) mistreated by the wolf.
    This is riveting and painful to read.

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