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#FF — home sweet home


Her childhood passion to go off-world continued into adulthood. Back then the only way for the working class to do it was to join Space Force as a trooper. As a new recruit she qualified for space station landings and orbiting Earth. Marcia’s last bump in rank allowed her to live in Mars barracks.

Orienting to living in a base bubble was simple, as she was accustomed to no free oxygen or gravity. Hydroponic gardens, heme labs, and water recyclers provided the basics. Humming ventilators put her to sleep. What made it feel like home was that amazon delivered there!

[100 words]


p.s.  WP is throwing another hissy.  After talking with tech support, it appears “Gravatar” is sending most of my comments on others’ blogs directly to spam.  I’m reading posts like usual, so if you don’t see my comment, please check your spam folders.  I know they are not golden, but spam by default??

learn more about heme here:


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the enlightening host of Friday Fictioneers.

73 thoughts on “#FF — home sweet home

  1. LOL! Yeah, I bet if there was a colony anyplace, Amazon would deliver (though if there’s a pandemic, it might be short of some things … like, say, yeast or thread or cleaning supplies or toilet paper … ) 😉

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  2. I love the originality that came from the photo prompt! Am very excited to learn about this FF group. I belonged to a FF blog community some years ago, a 50-word write without photo prompt. It was great fun, then our host suddenly passed away. I still think of his wit and kindness.

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    1. Sorry to hear about your host passing away back then. Hope to see you writing at Friday Fictioneers, Lydia. Rochelle is a wonderful host and the writing group there is excellent. It’s one of my favorite weekly prompts.

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  3. I don’t know, since they gave up the major carriers and have started in the delivery business on their own, I think 90% of Amazon packages miss their mark. Her packages might end up on Venus or possibly even Pluto….

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      1. I think heme is great for pulling in people who won’t give up meat because they are hooked on the taste, which is the heme part. If it works to get omnivores — which humans are — to choose plant over animal I’m all for it. It would mean a gentler and kinder treatment of our earth mother and the poor animals that are factory farmed to satisfy an appetite and pollute the planet in the process.

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        1. I agree with you on that 100 percent Ms. Jadeli. It’s definitely not a taste I prefer, but you’re right for those omnivores who crave the taste of meat, but are choosing a different lifestyle, it offers a good solution.

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