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#FFFC 75 — Virtualicide

The image is from Google Hub Photo Frame.

I met him at the all-inclusive dude ranch resort during my 30-day free trial membership in the virtual reality platform. He was everything I was looking for in a cowboy and we made plans to go out riding the next day. I rode a golden palomino and he rode an Arabian stallion out through the gates and into the badlands.

We rode until the ranch was out of sight. He asked if I wanted to stop and rest near the river, and I said yes. He pulled a picnic basket out of the stallion’s saddlebag and we ate, then laughed and kissed on a blue-checkered blanket . The horses nibbled sagebrush. We took our boots off and waded along the water’s edge.

A bird’s call above made me look up. It was then that he chose to club me with a 9-iron and dump me in the river with a large rock tucked into my woven wool belted poncho.

I canceled the membership before my 30 days were up.


Fandango is the host of Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

24 thoughts on “#FFFC 75 — Virtualicide

      1. It sure is in a lot of cases. I like when that comes out of the blue and a story. I don’t think I would like in real life though but it happens

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