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Novelty Song Friday #19 — “Shanty,”by Jonathan Edwards, aka The Friday Song

Up until I was about 15-16 years old in the 1970s, besides listening to albums of my mom and grandparents and my own meager collection, I listened exclusively to AM Top 40 radio. I have no idea how I learned about FM radio, but listening to 97 WLAV FM out of Grand Rapids, MI, who played AOR, was like entering another world as far as variety and quality music. This was a station who had music programs (e.g.The King Biscuit Flour Hour.) It had cool DJ’s like Tony Gates, Aris Hampers, and Tim Steele.

Another thing it had was The Friday Song. The transition from AM to FM was paralleled by transitioning from babysitting jobs to “real” jobs. My first was at age 17 at a bakery in a dinky town where my mom, stepdad, and siblings lived and where I had eventually moved to after doing something stupid at my dad’s house in town. I was now part of the people looking forward to the weekend instead of the babysitter who watched everybody else go out while I watched their kids. The Friday Song was that trigger that it was time to partay! I remember feeling such joy when it played every week.

Doing a little research, I learned that 97 WLAV FM is now a classic rock station – and it still plays The Friday song. Yes!

About The Friday Song, from a DJ at WLAV in Grand Rapids, MI:



Jonathan Edwards (born July 28, 1946) is an American singer-songwriter and musician best known for his hit single “Sunshine,” from his debut album, Jonathan Edwards, released in November 1971.




Gonna sit down in the kitchen
And fix me something good to eat
And make my head a little high
And make this whole day complete
‘Cause we gonna lay around the shanty, mama
And put a good buzz on

Well pass it to me baby
Pass it to me slow
We’ll take time out to smile a little
Before we let it go
‘Cause we gonna lay around the shanty, mama
And put a good buzz on

Well there ain’t nothin’ to do
And there’s always room for more
Fill it, light it, shut up
And close the door
‘Cause we gonna lay around the shanty, mama
And put a good buzz on

We gonna sit around the kitchen
Fix us somethin’ good to eat
And make ourselves a little high
And make the whole day complete
‘Cause we gonna lay around the shanty, mama
And put a good buzz on
‘Cause we gonna lay around the shanty, mama
And put a good buzz on
Songwriters: Jonathan Edwards


22 thoughts on “Novelty Song Friday #19 — “Shanty,”by Jonathan Edwards, aka The Friday Song

  1. I don’t think that I ever heard Shanty before, but I have heard Sunshine, I used to listen to Alison Steele who was also known as The Nightbird and she had the night shift on WNEW-FM in New York. I wish that I had an extra hour to listen to the Band on the The King Biscuit Flour Hour,

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    1. It’s nice to have a favorite DJ isn’t it. Aris Hampers was mine. I did some research yesterday on the song and the radio station and learned that Aris had to have his larynx removed a few years ago due to throat cancer. What an injustice as he had the smoothest radio voice I ever heard. You know you can mark youtube videos to “watch later.”

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  2. Thank you thank you…I haven’t heard that song in years and always loved it but never knew who sang it…or the name. I thought it was…”Put a good buzz on.”

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  3. I didn’t know the song and I’m not familiar with the radio station. But it made me think about my “radio days” growing up back in Germany. For about 10 years or so, I frequently listened to an FM mainstream radio station. During that time period, I was taping music from that radio station on MCs like a madman.

    One of my favorite shows was an oldies program that aired on Sunday nights. It had a great host who was known for his music expertise. He had also published several related books. Essentially, it was him who introduced me to much ’50s and ’60s music.

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      1. My knowledge of the ‘60s essentially started with The Beatles – obviously a great start!😀

        But this host, Frank Laufenberg at radio station SWF3, helped introduce me to The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Small Faces, The Move, The Moody Blues, etc. He also liked to play ‘50s music like Elvis, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Bill Haley and so on. In other words, all the really great stuff! Additionally, he told great anecdotes behind the music.

        I guess the closest present day comparison I’m aware of would be Little Steven’s Underground Garage.

        Laufenberg, who now is in his ‘70s and is still active, has no friggin’ idea what he did to me – sitting in front of the radio many Sunday nights, taping hours and hours of MCs, all meticulously documented on the cassette sleeves and in an extra note book – all handwritten!

        And most importantly, helping open up the wonderful world of music – something I simply couldn’t imagine to live without!

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        1. So glad to hear he made such a positive impact and cultivated your love for GOOD music. So cool he’s still going strong. I will have to check out Little Steven’s Underground Garage. I have heard that Live at Daryl’s House is another good one to check out but still haven’t managed to find the time to do it. Too much music too little time!!!!!!!!

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      1. Just same page again. I was listenjing to one of my future picks today and it was the same set as your KBFH add on. This happens a lot with me and the folks that I do this music thing with. Two in a row. Can we make three?

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