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#MM Music Challenge — “Your Best American Girl,” by Mitski

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Jim Adams is the every-other-Friday, music-loving host of Mindlovemisery Menagerie’s Music Challenge.  Jim says:
The challenge today is to focus on [Smooth Operator, by Sade] and use it for a short story, a piece of flash fiction, or a poem that you can share with the WordPress writing community.

When I thought about songs with players in them, my mind went to Mitski’s, “Your Best American Girl,” which I gave info on last year, here.  The player depicted in this video is the worst kind, because he goes for the long con.  It’s not enough to just charm his way into knocking off a little piece, he wants to emotionally devastate his target.

What I love best about this video is how Mitski uses the pain to be creative, to not let it destroy her, and to make songs and videos to share with others who have been hurt by the long con players.


14 thoughts on “#MM Music Challenge — “Your Best American Girl,” by Mitski

    1. My big question is why the hell is she backstage? Put Tina backstage and let Lynn be beside David singing. Let’s be real here. That’s the same thing they did with Joni Mitchell in The Last Waltz. Uncool!

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      1. That reverb…sorry I notice things like that…It’s like Springsteens voice in Glory Days… It’s hard to type what I mean but… if I said “That” it would be That-That really quick. It really makes a voice sound strong. I’m a sound geek

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