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dVerse — quadrille 108 — Heatwave


Heat Wave Painting by Giuseppe Albi | Saatchi Art
“Heat Wave” by Giuseppe Albi


Brush piles rise,
sweat’s monuments,
home for wrens,
now brambled porcupines

Fierce greens explode
Thirsty lilies droop
Lawns languish
Cats splay, inert

Taunting clouds play
with promises
Inadequate sprinkles
dry by morning

Old lungs trapped
in cement towers
heave in brownouts
waiting for evening



Linda Lee Lyberg is today’s host for dVerse.  Linda says:
It’s that time again for dVerse’s own creation- the Quadrille. For those of you new to dVerse, the quadrille is a 44 word poem exactly, excluding the title. The word today is Bramble or any form thereof, or even one you create containing the word.

67 thoughts on “dVerse — quadrille 108 — Heatwave

    1. It looks like quadrille has another definition, which is the one Carroll used in his poem. From an online dictionary:
      a square dance performed typically by four couples and containing five figures, each of which is a complete dance in itself.

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    1. Thanks, Jane. The last time I mowed way out back, the brush pile looked exactly as described. They are horrendous! We were going to hugel the brush pile and plant things on it, but those buggers would come right through.


  1. A terrific write on this one, Lisa; each stanza sets the scene & tells a tale. Your last stanza is killer, as is, perhaps the onerous heat midst those concrete canyons .

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  2. sounds like a scorcher Lisa … reminiscent of our last summer!
    Yes being locked in those towers must be like torture … I had no idea such housing existed until the quarantine photos grabbed headlines. Such horrid lifeless forms …

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  3. I felt the oppressive heat in this poem, Lisa, and the lack of moisture, especially in the alliterative ‘Lawns languish’, the splayed cat (mine do that too), and the lines
    ‘Old lungs trapped
    in cement towers
    heave in brownouts
    waiting for evening’.
    It made me gasp.

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