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#FF — Dark Passage

PHOTO PROMPT – © Jennifer Pendergast

Southwest circuit was from Albuquerque to Phoenix to Vegas to San Diego to L.A. — and every truck stop in between. The Fleetwood rolled 365. Rick maintained a stable of six girls, earning enough to keep them looking pretty with plenty of substances to keep them pliable. More than six became a pain in his ass. Even with six you never knew.

Deep down he loved his bottom girl, Candy. When she jumped out of the moho and ran for the train he had to shoot her in the back. He swore nobody would leave him after his mama did.

[100 words]


Fleetwood: a brand of motor home
Circuit: A series of cities among which prostituted people are moved.
Stable: A group of victims who are under the control of a single pimp.
Bottom girl, bottom woman, or bottom bitch is an American term for a prostitute who sits atop the hierarchy of prostitutes working for a particular pimp.
Moho: slang for motor home

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70 thoughts on “#FF — Dark Passage

      1. In MOST. Not all.
        Some are wired wrong. But as for the majority, yes, most had had trauma in some form. That said, most of those who had trauma do not turn evil. So at the most this is a correlation – a strong one, perhaps – but not direct causation, and there’s plenty of intervening variables besides.
        Complicated things, people are …

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        1. For sure, Na’ama. I just read the following on someone’s page a few days ago and asked if this was part of their fictional story or based on fact and the person said based on fact:

          “Monoamine Oxidase A (low activity genotype variation) and Cadherin 13 are known as the warrior genes. You may have heard of them, but didn’t know their names, well – there they are – MAOA-L and CDH13. For years scientists have been trying to find the causation of these two genes and violent behaviour; as the correlation was clear to see. One study recently concluded that whilst serial killers always have these genes, the activator is early childhood trauma. In short, if you aren’t traumatised and you have these genes, you’re likely to be fine. ”

          Have you heard anything about it? It is brand new to me.

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          1. I would be interested in the actual references for these assertions. The correlation between nature and nurture and epigenetic mechanisms is far from being fully understood, let alone as causation or certainty as far as prediction. Possible associations perhaps. Plausible even in some, but one cannot raise the same child twice and one cannot cause trauma to see whether genes will express… So,whilst one may find that serial killers may have some genes, one does not !how how many others who are not serial killers have the genes or whether the genes are a manifestation of some other variable or combinations thereof or … Basically, maybe there are some associations but those do not show causation. let alone that there may be other things that lead to psychopathy that are not related to childhood trauma (and most people who are cruel and evil do not necessarily kill anyone…). in short, I find some of these circular rather than conclusive, or at least interesting but not explanatory.

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  1. That is probably truer than we think…I love the description Lisa…really good.

    The trafficking… I’ve read some recently about adrenochrome and that is what some want out of young girls…it’s some sick stuff.

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      1. Yes I went off topic…someone at work just talked to me about it.
        A lot of conspiracy theorists are talking about it…something you can get from children…it’s really dark…to help people stay younger.

        Someone talked to me about it the other day…kind of like a natural steroid that athletes take to stay healthy and heal quicker…
        I don’t really believe it but that is the talk now.

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        1. OMG that is taking evil to a new level. Until our institutions (police, courts, etc.) start taking abuse, exploitation, trafficking, etc. seriously, it will continue. They need to get the drug and property criminals out of the prisons and put the ones who really need to be behind bars in — and not let them out. IIRC Minnesota has laws on the books that can keep dangerous sex criminals behind bars beyond their sentences and they also have lifetime tethers on the parolees. This is the kind of serious I’m talking about.

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          1. I apologize for bringing it up…she thinks this is going on and bent my ear for a while…which it was interesting and I really hope not true…when I read your post it was still fresh.
            It’s beyond dark. I agree…someone selling pot does not need to take space from these kind of people.
            Any one who would do anything to a child…no judge no jury…you don’t come out.

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              1. Not a lot…only 8 people in the building and none in IT…I’ve locked all out.
                I had to move her to a new office (computer, phone)…Lisa I haven’t moved anyone in years lol. It was a lot of fun though…we all wear masks…but she was the only person I saw all day…I stay in my office.

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  2. It’s funny, but just the other day I read a novel that involved a guy who moved his “girls” around the truck stops off freeways. Before that, I never knew about the mobile circuits, and I’ve been exposed to a lot of underlife. Thanks for a great story.

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    1. Thank you, Eugenia. In my old job I had some training on human trafficking through a task force I was on. Truth be told, sex trafficking isn’t the most common trafficking situation (labor trafficking is) but it’s the most heinous as it often involves minors.


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