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FFFC 77 — heaven on earth

The image is from the Google Hub Photo Frame.

My parents wanted me to be an accountant. That made me blue. Instead I dreamed of palettes across the sky. College was not to be. I hitched a ride on the star of a Gypsy and we embarked on adventures only dreamers may travel. Across time zones, continents, and oceans we found ourselves in a place where the sky took shape. At night we drank ouzo under the sturgeon moon. By day, I painted heaven on earth.








Fandango is the host of Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

14 thoughts on “FFFC 77 — heaven on earth

      1. The terminology was in the news a little over a week ago. I only heard of a headline, never looked into what it meant… until this moment. This year, it was August 2nd and 3rd… from dusk until dawn. It is a full moon in August (particularly in North America); a moon named after a fish. August is a good time to blow off college, if that is what one is inclined so to do.

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