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#FF — lullaby

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Tourists returned to the village of Hualong, after enduring five years of rigidly enforced international travel restrictions. Three years prior, laissez faire attitudes and practices had killed or disabled twenty million worldwide. The vaccine was developed from a tropical fungus that could be easily mass-produced.

Mae could hear them in her upper apartment over the incense boutique when the nurse opened the windows and she was awake. The droning hiss of the ventilator had been her only comforting lullaby for so long. It was good to hear the chatter of voices, even if she would never walk among them again.

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My story today is focused on what could be considered a fate worse than death from Covid-19. The MC was one of the first struck down by Covid-19 without being killed.


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Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the surf-loving vacationer of Friday Fictioneers.

54 thoughts on “#FF — lullaby

  1. Poor Mae. I am glad she found some pleasure in hearing a change in the atmosphere outside. … Even without Covid-19, there are those whose lives are forever changed by stroke or accident or illness and who sometimes end up living behind walls where others don’t know their reality. Your story is a good reminder that there is much suffering we’re not aware of, and can get better at … for, even if Mae is on a ventilator, it does not mean others cannot come visit her and spend time with her …

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  2. People are not really talking much about the lingering effects of this disease–we don’t even know what will show up later in chronic problems, maybe even for those without strong symptoms. “Normal” will be impossible for many. (K)

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      1. Sometimes I’ll be looking at the window at work and cannot believe this…also looking at pictures 8 – 9 months ago and cannot believe it wasn’t around then.

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        1. If it is one thing this experience is teaching me it is how much people NEED other people. I miss being among others. Before, when there was a choice, I controlled how much contact I had with others. That choice has been taken away from me. It’s not a good feeling.

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          1. I agree. I’m not a people person and at first…I didn’t mind but after a month…I didn’t like it at all. So I know what you are talking about.

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