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What do you see # 42 — The Muse

Image credit; Lucas Pezeta at Pexels

She’d been held hostage in the rustic cottage for weeks. The daughter of a wealthy international businessman, the kidnapping had happened when the family was on vacation in South America. Her captors were brusque but they treated her with care as she was worth a lot of money to them.

Every day she made a mark on the wall. Day after day Mira sat on a thatched chair, listening to the sounds of the jungle through the thick metal mesh on the windows. She could hear faint mumbled conversations from her captors in the other room as her body drenched itself in sweat and her spirits began to wane. She lived for the cool evening air.

On the evening of the 20th day, Mira heard distant music coming from the jungle. She turned off the light and peered into the darkness and listened. The jungle grew quiet and the music grew louder. Mira noticed a glowing in the dark. Like moonlight but in rainbow colors, eventually it got close enough for her to see it was a face. The music by this time was so loud that Mira was sure that her captors would hear it and burst into the room.

The face was close to the window now. Ah! It was so beautiful! Although its mouth did not move, words came into Mira’s mind. Words of poetry. Words of song. Mira felt an overwhelming joy fill her and she knew everything would be OK.

The next morning, Mira used the stick and the ashes to write the words on the wall. Over the months the walls were filled with poetry and images. Even when the kidnappers left and she was alone she wrote.

When police found her a year later, they were astounded at her room. Photographs were taken of every bit of it. Mira’s parents published her works, which became a beloved classic after many years.

The Muse had done her best. It was not within her power to release Mira’s body from its imprisonment, but she had released Mira’s soul before her body returned to the soil.


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