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dVerse — erotica — one with two

The Kiss by Jos Coufreur


Words flee
as senses stir
into sounds,
smells, tastes;
mingled breaths
where streams
of sweat join;
eyes snap shots
as tongues trail,
fingertips trace,
then grasp
and tease;
spirit and flesh
are one
with two.
Words flee
as sounds soar
and then subside
to dreamless



Image:  The Kiss, by Jos Coufreur

Sanaa is today’s host for dVerse.  Sanaa says:
For today’s Poetics, I would like you to write a poem and explore the question: “What is your idea of an erotic poem? What makes it stimulating? In your own words describe the fine line between ribald and just plain classy.”

48 thoughts on “dVerse — erotica — one with two

  1. Gosh this is wonderfully lyrical, Lisa! ❤️ I admire the natural rhythm and flow to this and resonate with; “fingertips trace, then grasp and tease; spirit and flesh are one with two.” Yes, yes! Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 😀

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  2. You touch on one of my favorite postulates, when two people make love, for a brief time they forge one complete person. love is spiritual. Just sex is merely a biological function .

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  3. I love how you describe how ‘words flee’ as the senses and sounds take over, emphasising this with the repetition. You’ve captured so well all the sensations felt when the body takes over from the mind!

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  4. I’m with Ingrid, I l iove how you start with ‘words flee’ – they are not needed when bodies do all the communicating, and how two become one: breaths mingle, streams of sweat join, spirit and flesh – and end with ‘Words flee / as sounds soar’. Lovers in a wordless bubble.

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