PSA Covid-19 antibodies aka Convalescent Plasma Therapy

I talked with my younger son earlier this week.  He went to donate plasma and learned that nowadays when someone donates plasma they test for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies.  From what I have heard about the swab Covid-19 tests, they are extremely uncomfortable to have done.  If you want to learn if you’ve had Covid-19, donating plasma might be a much better way to find out.  More than that, if your plasma has the antibodies, it can help save someone who could die without it.

Update 9/4/20: I found info about it at Mayo Clinic, here.

ALSO an important article to read in the L.A. Times from yesterday about the controversy over the treatment, here.

17 thoughts on “PSA Covid-19 antibodies aka Convalescent Plasma Therapy

  1. That is a great idea. I tend to think more people has had it than knows about it. We have had two people at work have it without any symptoms.

    I talked on the phone with one of them yesterday and he told me now they don’t have to jam that swab as far at all…they learned that they only have to go in a little ways now… but the blood is the best idea…you are finding out and maybe helping people at the same time.

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    1. Oh good on the swab. My son that works at the hospital hasn’t had the test but his co-workers said it was quite uncomfortable. Maybe the news hasn’t gotten to MI get about how far in? Yes, your people at work that had it should donate plasma!

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      1. I’ll tell them that…the one I talked to is quarantined at home. I was very happy when he told me about that swabs now. He said it tickled a little and now…it’s not as bad.

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    1. I knew the swab test’s reliability was dependent on a lot of variables. This one is taken using the person’s blood, which I think makes it more reliable? If you look at this post again, I added a couple of links, one of them from yesterday’s L.A. Times. I didn’t realize that Convalescent Plasma Therapy has been used before so there are some data on it.

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      1. If it was yesterday, it was probably the same story. Our health minister wants to invest millions into this “new” antibody test.
        Nut antibody tests are of limited use unless we also have an idea about how long we stay immune. My wife was offered one but, what’s the point?

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  2. Good for your son for donating!
    Yes, I hear that those nasal tests are very uncomfortable too & probably one of various things that have led to large segments of the population not being tested nor wanting to be. I believe there’s a saliva test available with results in minutes which they say isn’t AS accurate but is pretty good and might be far better since A) results in minutes , not days, so infected people could act responsibly sooner and B) less intimidating so more people might be willing to have it.

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      1. yes it is, and the one thing the president doesn’t want happening. Ideally, you’d get a cheap and fairly easy test like a saliva one and test as close to the whole population as possible. That would prevent some asymptomatic people going out and getting others sick andlet doctors get a better fix on percentages of people who show no symptoms, see if there were common denominators etc.
        Off topic, are you at all close to Holland, MI? I’m reading a travelog book that visits that town and they loved it, sounds surprisingly modern and chic for a small “rust belt” city.

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        1. Yes, I’m fairly close to Holland. It’s a nice little town with a decent strip of restaurants/pubs and an annual tulip festival. It’s not all that and I wouldn’t call it chic. Traverse City, which is a few hours north, is way better. Grand Haven, which is maybe a half-hour north of Holland has more to offer, imo. It’s right on the lake, has a nice channel that goes up the Grand River (to Grand Rapids), nice beach and restaurants, shops, lodging, etc. I live north of Grand Haven.


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