dVerse OLN — Willow Moon Waits

Weeping Willow moon | Beautiful moon, Moon shadow, Beautiful nature

Blushing peach glimpsed through
willow fronds, night rendezvous –
warm autumn winds sigh…

Dusk gives way to pink sunrise.
Cool dew-covered limbs entwine.

Grace is today’s host for dVerse‘ Open Link Night. 

FYI, I was pushed into WP’s new block editor just as I tried to begin the post.  Please forgive any irregularities.

Image is Moon Shadow

Thanks to a comment exchange between Max/badfinger20 and I, today’s offering was inspired.

59 thoughts on “dVerse OLN — Willow Moon Waits

              1. Because that’s what you get when you hit the classic button.
                Try using the side controls. Click on the button at the top right and it shows text size & color options Plus That’s the block editor it says so LOL
                sheesh I dunno. Hoping that helped.

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  1. The moon and willow speaks to my heart. Today, I went for a walk and a giant hawk landed in the willow tree before me. It was surreal to see a bird of that magnitude in a willow tree. I am still pondering it symbolically.

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  2. Luscious and sweet! I’m there. – Brendan (PS, you can navigate to the old WP editor by entering your blogaddress/wp-admin and click on Posts under At A Glance; next page click Add New and you’re creating in the old editor. )

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  3. This is a sublime tanka. Sometimes I consider just being that brief, but once I unleash my pen, words just tumble out. FB has a new platform, which is BS as well.

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    1. Glenn glad you enjoyed the tanka. I usually go brief when the poetic inspiration is lagging. Ugh on fb platform, I avoid fb like the plague for the most part but had to rejoin for dverse. Hey, I always enjoy the unleashing of your pen! You have a lot to say!


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