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The Monday Peeve 54 — WEAR A MASK!



My peeve is about the hot topic of masks and social distancing. At the cat shelter where I volunteer with my son and DIL everyone on our shift wears masks — except one. She is a key person in the org as the “cat care manager” that coordinates all medical maintenance (pills, ointments, etc) after the vet stabilizes them and so she knows she isn’t easily replaceable. The shelter manager says that the law doesn’t require mandated masks for “non-governmental” agencies. It isn’t about the law, it’s about this person recognizing that she needs to put a f***ing mask on. Not only that, a couple of weeks ago I was sitting down chatting with some others in one of the cat rooms and she came over and sat right next to me. I should have called her out! Instead I got up and moved away.

Ironically, they have scheduled visits for potential adopters and post the rules on their facebook page with the notice for the visitors.  Part of the rules requires the visitors wear masks.  Wouldn’t that suggest that the dozens of volunteers that work 3 shifts a day would also be required to wear them?  Are volunteers’ lives less important than the lives of the people coming in to adopt cats?

Paula Light is the host of The Monday Peeve.

26 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve 54 — WEAR A MASK!

  1. So sorry you have to go through that, Lisa. There’s something deeply wrong with people that don’t wear masks when they should. I often wonder what goes through their heads. Do they think they won’t get sick? Do they think they are invincible?

    For Christ’s sake, it isn’t even hard to wear a mask for the most part.

    As you can see, this is one of my peeves too. Hahaha.

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        1. If she didn’t wear a mask and stayed in her meds room it would also be ok. But she doesn’t. Her coming to sit next to me was more than I could stand. You are right. I will be emailing the shelter manager today and letting them know my thoughts.

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  2. Agreed. And I don’t understand the reasoning. If visitors can be required to wear masks, nothing should stand in the way of requiring volunteers.
    “she knows she isn’t easily replaceable” – If the manager also makes this assumption, it’s likely to be the one reason masks aren’t mandated.

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  3. I just don’t get why people don’t wear a mask. It’s not a big deal…if someone has breathing problems…I get it but not that many people do. I have to restrain myself when I go to a store.
    In Nashville they are mandated in every public place.

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      1. That part is the stumbling block for most smaller counties. They don’t have the police force to handle it. You are right though a clerk should not be in the policing business.

        People should know better…it’s the decent thing to do. If someone thinks its BS…that is fine…they should think of everyone else.

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