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dVerse — Protest — pearl dust

Fine precious pearl, a gift divine
you’ve crushed like dirt beneath your boot;
Stole innocence, oft’ hidden crime
on precious pearl, a gift divine.

You’re fouler than leaked toxic slime,
forgot, remembered in the books
by precious pearl, a gift divine,
now dust like dirt ‘neath heaven’s boot.

Then comes a whirling in the air
that gathers sparkles from the dirt.
Sweet fragrant peach of grace to share —
A balm of hope sings in the air!

The grains of shame fly fast in fear,
their power gone, no more to hurt.
And then the whirling in the air
forms precious gem from shining dirt.


My offering today is a modified double triolet. It is dedicated to victims of sexual assault of any age and any gender, with hope that each and every one finds their way to healing.

image from Marijja

Grace is today’s host for dVerse. Grace says:
Write a Protest Poem with a theme (e.g. voting, social justice, peace & war, violence, women’s rights, human rights, environment, pandemic, etc) in your blog. This may be about as local as your community, or about your country, or about the world in general.

61 thoughts on “dVerse — Protest — pearl dust

  1. They are scums of the lowest kind. The poetic form makes this classier than the theme on sexual violence/assault. I specially like this part:

    You’re fouler than leaked toxic slime,
    forgot, remembered in the books
    by precious pearl, a gift divine,
    now dust like dirt ‘neath heaven’s boot.

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    1. Education and support are key. If we lived in a society that took sexual assault seriously, there would be liberal amounts of both. When I started learning about the intricate dynamics involved in sexual assault that permeates our culture it was like breaking free from an evil spell. To be surrounded by caring individuals in my support group who were also learning about their abuses had an enormous healing effect as we processed our trauma. This should be offered for every student from kindergarten up, adjusted to fit developmental level. The criminal justice and judicial systems need to do their jobs! A slap on the wrist for a rapist is not acceptable, nor is merely taking victims of incest out of their homes without criminally charging the perpetrator. I could go on and on about it, but I think that’s enough for now.

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  2. an excellent post in every way … worthy theme, great double triolet, amazing pic and clip!
    I felt this was deeply personal … doubt there is ever full recovery, but at least there are healthier ways of coping with it 😦

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  3. Sexual assault is a horrific crime that happens every day all over the world and victims are a worthy cause for a modified double triolet, Lisa. The repeated image of a pearl crushed like dirt beneath a boot is so powerful. Thank goodness for the balm of hope!

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  4. Oh, this one gets you right in the gut. And expresses exactly what we’re all feeling right now–that the blood on the pavement is the first trickle of a river of righteousness, because it has to be.

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    1. Thank you, Dwight and yes that is a cool picture isn’t it. Forgiveness is not mentioned in my poem, but it is part of the healing process, but ONLY because it lifts the burden of the wrong off of the survivor’s shoulders and places it squarely where it belongs: on the shoulders of the perpetrator.

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    1. Thank you, Vivian. I honestly believe the shame attaches like a residue if the abuse is not acknowledged (the victim stays silent) or if acknowledged and the victim is not supported by their loved ones. So many (too many!) the family turns against the victim and supports the perpetrator 😦

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  5. Lisa, My thoughts flew to Jeffrey Epstein and all those who held the power to crush him beneath their boots and did not, but instead took away the innocence of so many young girls and ground them beneath their boots. Will they ever find justice in a two-tiered justice system, one for the elite and another for the rest? Your poem gives me hope, not for justice in this world, but for healing for the victims. I pray for their healing, “precious gem from the dirt.” Beautifully expressed, Lisa.

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  6. I love what you’ve written here and I appreciate your writing about sexual abuse and assault. It is such an important topic and something we must all be aware of and ready not just to protest, but to bring to justice. Thank you for this.

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