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dVerse — MTB — Google Ask Poem — I am art.



(i’m) not what you see;
(i’m) born
of everything,
everywhere —
(your) way of survival.

(i’m) fundamental;
a god.

(i’m) personal,
read aloud.

(i’m a) verb, (to see)
what you can get away with,
(a) contagious yoga –
dead dope.

(i’m) just another form of screaming
dead chords.

(i’m) king,
not always about pretty things.

(i’m) pain,
pointless without passion,
the lie that tells the truth.

(i’m) unique to sedentary cultures.


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Bjorn is today’s host at dVerse.  Bjorn says:
Today I thought we should play a little with lists again, and to make life a little easier I thought we should do what every one does when we don’t have a clue. Just Ask Google. [Write a poem after gleaning a wordlist] using the autocomplete function in Google.

61 thoughts on “dVerse — MTB — Google Ask Poem — I am art.

  1. I’m enjoying the diversity of the poems so far this evening, Lisa, and yours is no exception. I especially like:
    ‘(i’m a) verb, (to see)
    what you can get away with,
    (a) contagious yoga –
    dead dope.’

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  2. This is beautifully stunning, and I really love this line:

    “(i’m) fundamental;
    a god.”

    This is powerfully striking and the imagery flows so well with the “I am” statements. Very well-written. It’s beautiful. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Wow ” (I’m) born of everything, everywhere.” and “just another form of screaming dead chords”. I loved the duplicity of message, we are art, and so much more. You lapsed over into the metaphysical, where God and Art are both within.

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      1. I liked it. It gave it new meaning. As you know I know nothing about poetry. That helps a lot for dummies like me lol…because poetry takes inflections….if that is the right word…to me anyway.

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  4. Loved your reading of the poem, infused an immediacy which is especially potent given the topic. I’m in thrall to this phrase: “contagious yoga” – yes art is, many times. Kudos, Lisa!

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  5. Hi Lisa, I am a day late getting around to reading peoples work. Like what you did here. This prompt was a little confusing for me but I finally hammered something out. You did better work than I did this week

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  6. “Art” is such a good one to do for this! I really found this an interesting challenge and although I’m just getting to the reading on Monday, I’m really finding the posts so diverse…like art! I’m reminded of that phrase, “art is in the eye of the beholder” . It also makes me smile at a memory I have: standing in an art gallery and looking at a massive painting of a red square. That’s it. A red square. And I was thinking, I could have done that. How is that art? Perhaps that, in part, applies to the last statement in your poem? 🙂

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    1. Wonderful observations, Lillian. Cool about the red square and likening it to the last line. It does stand apart from the rest of the lines, and I thought exactly that when I saw it in the list that was generated from the google ask! Life imitating art, or is it vice versa 😉


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