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dVerse — OLN — Best Turkey of the Bunch


Dead, unfallen leaves shine brighter
Than the weak beam of our faded star.
As we walk with hope to cast our vote
For the best turkeys in the running,
The whole world is watching.

Bjorn is today’s host of dVerse’ Open Link Night, which was also a live event.

44 thoughts on “dVerse — OLN — Best Turkey of the Bunch

      1. No clue on his credibility. The prediction is based on decimated planets in horoscopes. It says the present incumbent will continue despite a tough battle being put up by the opponent.


  1. I agree with Ingrid, Lisa. I would have loved to hear you read this poem. When will we get some young, talented politicians, with their finger on the (still-beating) pulse, rather than tough old turkeys? Especially the orange one with the weird hair and tiny hands, who is neither politician nor successful businessman , just a con artist.

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    1. The decrepit old guard in Congress have a stranglehold on things. Shame on McConnell with the Republicans and Pelosi with the Democrats. There were plenty of young, talented Democrats running.

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    1. To satisfy the current corporatocracies mandates, yes ๐Ÿ˜ฆ After Trump’s extremes it had to be a namby pamby middle-of-the-road. He’s got a good running mate though, which is a blessing.


    1. The latest vow he made was if he loses (first time he has admitted he might lose that I’ve heard) he’s leaving the country. Probably knows the tax enforcers are going to be gunning for him. Be careful, I hear he likes Sweden ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. The latest video of him is him saying no votes counted after midnight will count. On Colbert last night, Stephen talked about how they used to have the inauguration in March because it took so long to get the votes transported to the counting place and it’s never been protocol to only count the votes counted on election day. This punk isn’t going to go quietly.

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