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Reflections of a Rat Bast*rd

This shout-out goes to Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Aziz Ansari, Louis C.K., and Neil Degrasse Tyson, and all the rest of you rat bastards out there.  Do you know how sick to death I am of your lame-ass denials?  Do you know how blessed you are that your victims aren't as… Continue reading Reflections of a Rat Bast*rd

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The Dead Can’t Talk. It’s Time To Listen To Survivors. — Drifting Through

Gretchen Kelly speaks powerfully about the survivors of sexual abuse and gives heads-up to abusers and anyone who explicitly or complicitly supports abusers.  THANK YOU Gretchen.   Sexual assault is like a death. A death of who you would have been. Who you were before. It is a violation of the body and the mind,… Continue reading The Dead Can’t Talk. It’s Time To Listen To Survivors. — Drifting Through

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No Such Thing Part 2

image link Left hemisphere seized up No grease Sand in the gears Amygdala sensory alert Walking into the aftermath of the maelstrom The tinkling echoes of 10,000 shards of glass Pastel and clear confetti Embedded in the carpet Like IEDs for unwary tender feet, It will be a long time before skin Touches the floor.… Continue reading No Such Thing Part 2

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Manson and The Lair of Song Mountain

image link Just last evening, after drinking A special blend of tea, Lifelike dreams visited. Twisting Chinese folklore To suit its needs, Came the following: ~ ~ ~ After half a century, a great scaly Kun, Who had been writhing in dark waters, sprouted wings, and transformed into Three-Headed Peng. Despised Trinity, It manifested abhorrent… Continue reading Manson and The Lair of Song Mountain



This is one of the most in-depth, incisive philosophical ponderings I've read on the subject. I do think the author confuses monstrous with focused when it comes to artists of either gender. The difference between a focused artist and a monster is that a focused artist does not steal souls unless they are monsters. Also… Continue reading ESAD WOODY