#OctPoWriMo2017 · OctPoWriMo · poetry

OctPoWriMo Day 1: Summer’s End

summers end 100117

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Cicadas’ chorus

Replaced by crickets’ chirps,

The whoosh of leaves

Replaced by their rustle

Sun as Close King

Replaced by Retreating Prince

Balmy breezes

Replaced by chilled rushes

Lounging waterside on beach towels

Replaced by huddles on blanketed benches

Trees arrayed with greenery

Replaced by decaying colors

Waking to light and sleeping still light

Replaced by dark to dark

All night awake slumber parties

Replaced by wash your face brush your teeth go to bed

Ice cream sundaes and corn dog stands in the afternoon

Replaced by warm cider and donuts by the evening fire

Long vines with pumpkins attached

Replaced by carved orange faces

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