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Day 2 — Why do we write? — OctWriPoMo

why do we write

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I took the prompt to free write with “We write because we must” in mind.

Here it is:


We Write Because We Must

Tell our story

Output of senses

And soul

Formulate words to express

A thought a feeling

To be a voice in the wilderness

Keening, the sounds

Travel like beacons

To ears attuned to receive them

To huddle on cold nights near the flame

And share the secrets of the universe

On paper

Our pens like wands

Pouring forth sparkles

And lightning

Scrolling vivid images

Dance across the page

Dark caves with glowing red eyes

Small spaces where figures curl

And shiver

Tinkling bells in the breeze

Companions all

Holding a world of feelings inside

But wise enough to know to share some

So the top doesn’t blow off of the teapot

A world of delicate sensitivities*

And raging compulsions*

No way to turn off the valve of pouring emotions

A driving need to contain them on the page

While all the while the words buck and jump

From it, held tenuously by some unwritten

Law of gravity.



*a nod to the Pearl S Buck quote



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