because #metoo is just too much

I haven’t specifically written to the #metoo campaign that is going on, but I’ve read an awful lot of others writing on the subject. Wanda Olugbala writes with deep resonance for me on the subject.

fearfree living

i have not
always been brave

i don’t know how many there were
i was on the ground
there were hands
grabbing at me.
squeezing me.
pinching me.
i couldn’t tell you
how long it lasted.
it ended when i grabbed
one of them by the
back of his head slammed
his face into the gravel and
dragged him till the white
meat showed. the teacher asked
if i had any regrets. i told her, ‘hell nah.’

i was six.

i did not always have
a snappy comeback

i’m not like the other boys.
i can give you a baby.
why the phuck would
i want a baby?

i was 12.

i was always afraid
i was always angry

my uncle took me into the basement.
he told me this is what they will say.
this is what they will do.
no matter how scared you…

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