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Day 18 — OctWriPoMo — Innies and Outies

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Innies and Outies



A place in the sun – by myself or with a friend.

Sugar sand, bright blue sky,

Blazing heat, with water nearby.

A big terry towel, coconut oil,

A small tote cooler with El Chapo hard cider.

Quiet talk, or none at all.

Pandora on the phone

And Chuck Palahniuk’s latest, hot off the press.


A place in the sun – with 10 friends.

Sugar sand, bright blue sky,

Blazing heat, with water nearby.

Lawn chairs and beach umbrellas

A Sea Doo or Two

Two big coolers, full of beer and wine.

Boom Box with a Boom Boom Boom

Frisbees and reefer.



A night on the town – with a few friends.

Dinner at the nearby newly opened foodie joint

After the early show of the latest indie offering

Back to one friend’s place to play board games

While drinking crème liquor on the rocks

We all say our goodnights and go home, sober, around midnight.


A night on the town – 10 friends in a rented stretch SUV.

Hitting B Dub for wings and micro-brews

Then the club, then the club, then the club

Group shots, group shots, group shots,

Jimmy picks up a date thru Tinder – Sally could, but doesn’t.

Each safely driven home at 3 a.m. by their driver.



Sunday morning – reading the paper, sipping coffee

The sun is shining, birds chirping, wind hissing through trees,

Joni Mitchell strumming and warbling on the CD player

Laundry hung yesterday taken off the line and folded

Reading online, then writing, sending out a few email.

Afternoon hits the ground walking.


Sunday morning – up at 11, reach for the aspirin

Throw a load of laundry in and make out the shopping list

Listen to boyfriend moaning and puking, moaning and puking

Text, text, text, text, facebook, like, like, like, dislike, like, dislike

Review the dozen selfies sent out while partying last night

Look at all those likes!

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