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Poetry — Manifestation Part 2

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Manifestation Part 1


It smiled just then, said, “follow me”

Nerves jumping, heart pumping,

there’s someone I want you to meet”

fear said no way will I go, although

I had lost control of my feet.

To the churchyard I followed, then swallowed

When I heard a blood-curdling groaning bleat

Ple-e-e-e-a-s-ed toooooooo Me-e-e-e-t Yoooooooooo”

Mephistophelian Goat, my paralysis complete.


Word of Day Challenge — mephistophelian


10 thoughts on “Poetry — Manifestation Part 2

      1. I’m not into a halloween spirit at all. AT ALL.
        And I used to LOVE Halloween, at least as much as Christmas. I used to be about decorating, baking, dressing-up, going trick-or-treating. I’d theow big parties, have all sorts of friends come over… Now, it’s all gone away. I believe this is too much associated to my “old life” pre-separation. Now I feel my house is too small, my finances too tight, my energy too low.
        So, no more parties for me.
        Sorry for the rant!

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        1. one of the saddest parts of ending a relationship, even if it was a bad one, is that it also can end a whole way of living as well. i remember when i split with my ex our whole family belonged to a karate club. unfortunately my ex had been at that club for a long time, even before we were together, so it was natural that he “got custody” of the club. i’m sorry you’re not in the spirit for Halloween. are your kids young enough to trick or treat? maybe being out with them that night could get you in the spirit a little? my kids are grown, in their 30s. my son texted me a picture of him heading out to a party last night in his banana costume 🙂

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